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Ali Eats America

Ali Eats America

A Young Cancer Survivor’s Story of Food, Family and America.
Hospital food gets old.

Ali Allouche was 17, in Chemotherapy and living vicariously through Food Documentaries. He and his Mom, Jen, planned a map of restaurants across America they would visit when Ali was medically cleared.

This is Ali’s story of recovery, cuisine and exploring the country.

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Jesus God – Jesus Man

Jesus God – Jesus Man

As we sit in our bubbles, wearing our Covid masks, wondering if our job, our company, our family will disappear in an instant, it is easy to lose hope. As much as anything else, the message of Jesus was that we should never lose hope. This film is about hope, in these difficult, difficult days.

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On The Trail of A Legend:  Heduvides Serrano, King of The Tomb Raiders

On The Trail of A Legend: Heduvides Serrano, King of The Tomb Raiders

Much has been said about Heduvides Serrano, discoverer of the Patecte in 1869.  Little is known.
When and where was he born, died?  What happened to two of his three daughters?  Is the amazing Peru treasure story told here true? The missing pieces are enormous. 
Three things are certain:
First, after hundreds of hours of investigation of Church records we have only scratched the surface of Heduvides´ biography.
Second, a highly capable archivist has joined our Patecte search team.  She has spent decades researching official records and unofficial sources in Ecuador.
Third, legends and myths surrounding Heduvides only grow with time. They are rooted in a simple reality:  
Everybody dreams of striking it rich.  Heduvides did it. 
In a few hours he became one of the richest men in the Americas.
Here is how it happened … 

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