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What comes to mind when you hear the word Holocaust? How many times this word has been repeated by scholars and politicians, anti-Semites and supporters of Jews, members of clergy and members of various congregations?

How many books and movies, pieces of music and plays are devoted to these atrocities on a mass scale, in the history of humankind? How many controversies around this word have we seen and heard? Whatever information has been found, the idea of organizing parades and building monuments to those who tortured and killed Jews, is being justified by individuals honoring these criminals as heroes.

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Baltic Truth is the film that challenges these Holocaust deniers and those who support anti-Semitism by weaving first accounts through location filming and interviews of these killing fields, in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.

Baltic Truth is not just another film about the Holocaust. The makers of this documentary go from the idea that the Holocaust was not only about Jews and Germans; it is about the eager involvement of local population, who led and participated in the killing of Jewish men, women and children in the Baltic States. Commemorating these executioners is a story that must be told.

Behind the scenes

“Baltic Truth” Shoot in the Baltic States, August 2019

Behind the scenes

Interview with Holocaust survivor Izrail Hurin, Riga, Latvia 2019

Behind the scenes

 “Baltic Truth” Shoot in Toronto, Canada with Holocaust survivor Elly Gotz, June 2019

Behind the scenes

 Interview with Professor Andris Ezergailis, Ithaca, NY, February 2018

Behind the scenes

 “Baltic Truth” team on a shoot in Rosica, Belarus, August 2019

Behind the scenes

 Interview with Joseph Koren, President and Founder of “Latvia Without Fascism”, 

Behind the scenes

 “Baltic Truth” team on a shoot in Daugavpils, Latvia, August 2019 

Behind the scenes

 Interview with Ruta Vanagaite, Lithuanian author of book “Our People”, Boston, MA, November 2018

Behind the scenes

 “Baltic Truth” team on a shoot in Riga, Latvia, August 2019

Today, national memorials to the murderers lie feet away from the graves of their victims. Today, glorification of so-called “heroes” with Jewish blood on their hands is in full swing across the Baltic States, where history is being rewritten and distorted.

With filming already begun on location in USA, Canada, Latvia, Lithuania,Belarus interviews with historical experts, authors, professors, and survivors, make up just some of the fascinating subjects participating.


Dudu Fisher
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During his long career, Dudu Fisher has recorded over twenty albums. He sang the role of Moses in the Hebrew version of Stephen Spielberg’s “The prince of Egypt.” He has sung with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by maestro Zubin Mehta, recorded an album of show tunes with the London Symphony Orchestra, and has performed as well with the Baltimore and Queens Symphony Orchestras. In addition to Britain’s royal family, he has performed for the Thai royal family and for president and senator Clinton.

He was the first Israeli artist allowed to sing in the Soviet Union in the days before perestroika. His concerts there were attended by thousands of Jews thirsting for Jewish culture. A particularly moving concert took place in his father’s hometown of Dubnow in the Ukraine.

In the theater, Fisher has played leading roles in the productions of “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, “Kol Nidre”, by Lalo Shifrin and Avi Koren, “Over the Rainbow”, and “Stairways To Heaven”.

Fisher’s first one-man show “Never on Friday”, opened at off-broadway’s Jewish Repertory Theater in 1999. Lawrence Van Gelder of the New York Times called the show… “A display of a vocal talent that resists confinement and is an explosion of religious faith that is reflected in the show’s title. Mr Fisher possesses the spectrum of talent to make it work.”

From January to April of 2001, Dudu Fisher was seen on Israeli stages starring in “The Rothschilds”, a musical by Jerry Bock and Sherman Yellen. Shortly after, he was presented the “Liberty award” at the Lower East Side Festival, which celebrates contributions to Jewish culture in America.

In October of 2002, Dudu again thrilled his audiences with a one-man show, “Something old, something new”, which was written by Richard Jay-Alexander, Dudu’s broadway “Les miz” director. He opened to rave reviews. Victor Gluck of back stage wrote of Fisher, “The energy that fisher radiates on stage can light a small city’. Cheryl Kupfer of the Jewish press entitled her review, “Something old, something new-something awesome”. “He might just as well have called it something for everyone”, wrote Lawrence Van Gelder of the New York times.

Adding to Fisher’s accomplishments are his staring role in the film “The road to glory”, acting as host on an Israeli television series and appearing on innumerable radio and television programs throughout the world. It is safe to say that Dudu Fisher has excelled in every aspect of his profession. He is happily married and the proud father of three children.

Eugene Levin
Producer / Director
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Having emigrated to the United States in the 1980s, Eugene Levin had no idea the extent of the horror and injustice he would uncover when over 25 years ago he began the journey with his grandfather, Mozus Berkovich, to reclaim their family’s property in Latvia. Lost in 1941 when almost the entire Jewish community of the small town of Akniste was massacred by their neighbors one summer’s day in July, the Latvian government has since claimed ownership of the property, and have refuted or ignored Levin’s demand for justice and restitution at every turn. Since the passing of his grandfather, and inspired by their fight, Eugene is now developing a film dedicated to revealing some of the little known truths about the Holocaust in the Baltic states. Shooting on location recently in his hometown of Riga, Levin was shocked to learn just how much the murderers of Jews are still glorified and revered for their “military service,” and that in spite of that there is still a vibrant Jewish community, eager to educate and remind the world of what really happened in those places. Baltic Truth aims to be a voice for that community, for Levin and his family, and for all the people whose lives were stolen in those dark years, so that their memory may never be erased.

Andrejs Hramcovs
Screen writer / Director / Producer
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Andrejs has 20 years of television and documentary experience. He started as a journalist on Latvian TV5 Riga, then became the head of the news department, then program director. He also studied at the Academy of Culture at the faculty of script writing and later on became the director and host of the programs “Crime+”, “Medline”, “Autonews”, “Latvians on Dakar rally”, “Emergency Incident TV” and many other programs that appeared on such channels as TV5 Riga, LNT. In 2014, he attended 2-week professional development courses in USA on the ABC television channel as well as journalist training seminar at The Washington Post. During his 20 years career he filmed and directed in most of countries of the European Union, as well as in Russia. He worked as a journalist and producer for the last 6 years on such TV channels as NTV, Russia-1, Ren-TV, TVC, 1TV (Russia). Currently, he is working on a documentary about Mordecai Dubin, a Latvian millionaire who lived in the early 20th century and died in the Soviet Gulag. At the same time, Andrejs owns a production company BW Productions, which carries out orders for the filming of various news events in the Baltic countries. He is fluent in English, Russian and Latvian languages.

Vadims Repeckis
Director of photography / Videographer / Editor / Motion Graphics designer
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As a professional videographer, sound technician and editor Vadims Repeckis is shooting TV news reports, documentaries and video presentations for over 10 years. He has filmed in Baltic States, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Poland, France, Italy and Switzerland. Starting form 2011 Vadims Repeckis and Andrejs Hramcovs work together as a creative team. As a news editor, Vadims worked for more than 2 years in the TV program “Crime+”. Over the past 6 years, together with Andrejs, they have been filming for such TV channels as NTV, Russia-1, Ren-TV, TVC, 1TV (Russia) and TV Ukraina. In addition, they have produced an independent documentaries such as “Signs of the Soviet time”, “Riga Yards” (Riga yards), “3000 lives of Mordechai Dubin”. Vadims is fluent in English, Russian and Latvian languages

Tomer Adaddi
Original Score Music Producer
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Multiple-award-winning composer, conductor, musical director, pianist and producer. Collaborated with superstars such as Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, and Il Volo, guest conductor for The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as Symphonies around the world, and producer of PBS specials for artists Dudu Fisher and Liel. Composer of multiple #1 hit songs in Israel, including the song selected to represent Israel in the prestigious Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

Jeff Hoffman
USA, Canada
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Jeff is an established film Videographer working internationally. A dual-citizen of the US and Canada, he has filmed in nearly every state and province, as well as throughout Mexico. As Co-Producer, as well as Cinematographer, he has extensive credits in feature films, international television, documentaries and commercials. He has garnered experience worldwide from Easter Island to Antarctica, throughout the Far East and Europe. His clients range from Canadian and German Television, The big 3 US Networks, Disney and Nickelodeon; having worked on “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse,” Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” as well as acclaimed documentaries: “The Corporation,” (most successful Canadian documentary in Canadian history) “Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life,” (Academy Award Nomination), and Steve Laffey’s “Fixing America Movie.” His specialty is filming real people on location and in the studio.

Divvy Ahronheim
Writer / Interviewer
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Divvy is a Montreal based writer and an educator. Her strong personal and professional connections to Jewish life and Israel have fueled a career in education, and now filmmaking, combining two of her life-long passions to help bring this documentary project to life. With a background in Jewish studies, psychology, and theater, Divvy is a graduate of McGill University (where she was awarded the Jack Schoel Scholarship for excellence) and the University of Toronto, earning a Master’s Degree in Jewish Education. She is currently editing a soon to be published book by the founder of Kabbalah Yoga, Audi Gozlan. Her background and experience with the subject matter, as well as her innate ability to connect to the participants on a personal level, have helped give these interviews a uniquely compelling tone.

Mamed Sadykh-Pur
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Born in 1973 in Alma-Ata (Almaty, Kazakhstan) he graduated from the Department of Music Theory at Almaty College of Music. Specializes in writing music for theater and cinema. Mamed created music for many television programs, worked as an arranger for The Voice Kazakhstan project for three years, author of music for more than a dozen documentaries and feature films, 30 performances, 3 ballets, the world premiere of Dancing Zodiac – took place in 2019 in Providence, RI.

Among his works are about a dozen children’s musicals, three of which are successfully performed by Arlekin Children’s Theater, Boston MA. In addition to writing Incidental Music, he is much involved in academic research and reconstruction of musical works. For example, in 2016, he restored 80 year old manuscript which was considered lost, of the string quartet of Kazakhstan composer Boris Erzakovich.

With your support, we aim to deliver cinematographic impact to combat many challenges facing World War 2 history, anti-Semitism and Holocaust education. Our goal is to produce an unparalleled and gripping film that will reach to the heart of every viewer, and inspire to seek justice and truth wherever they go in life.

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Forgetfulness leads to exile
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