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Thank you for visiting the fundraising page for PHASE 2 of the Confessions of a Social Bully project:         



After an amazing international film festival run, Confessions has achieved overwhelming success with thousands of students, parents, and teachers through: 

  • Seattle Public Schools’ FLASH (Family Life and Sexual Health) curriculum.
  • Classroom bullying prevention workshops in the Highline School District, the Seattle School District, and various independent schools throughout the region.
  • The University of Washington Center for Philosophy for Children school program.
  • Afterschool programs up and down the west coast.
  • Parent education workshops.
  • Presentations to school social workers and teachers.

“My students connected immediately to the film.  After the workshop one student informed me of daily teasing he was experiencing on the playground.  The film gave him the courage to speak up and get the help he needed.  “Confessions of a Social Bully” empowers students to recognize bullying even when it seems subtle, and to speak up for others and themselves.”

Gretchen Salter, 5th Grade Teacher, Seattle Public Schools



In response to requests from nearly every teacher I have met to make the Confessions bullying prevention workshop more sustainable, I am creating a lesson guide to accompany the film. 

The Confessions Lesson Guide will offer a comprehensive program of discussion questions and hands-on, interactive activities based on the film’s major themes.  Its goals will be to help students increase self-awareness and build empathy skills, which have been shown to decrease bullying and aggressive behaviors.

I have gathered Social Emotional Learning (SEL) experts from across the country to serve as curriculum advisors and am mapping the lessons to both the Collaborate on Academic Social Emotional Learning (CASEL) and the Washington State SEL Standards, Benchmarks, Indicators requirements.  In addition, I have secured distribution through Seattle’s Indieflix, a documentary production company specializing in school-based film screenings. 

In order to complete the Confessions Lesson Guide, I’m asking for tax-deductible donations to cover the costs of research, writing, editing, copy editing, illustration and design. 

Your donation will help tweens and teens gain insight into the issues that contribute to bullying from all perspectives and to build the skills necessary to effectively prevent and/or stand up to it. 

  • All donations will receive a tax deduction through our fiscal sponsor, From the Heart Productions, and recognition on the Confessions website!
  • All donations of $250 or more will receive a tax deduction, PLUS I will donate the full program (film + lesson guide) to a school of your choice!
  • All donations of $500 or more will receive a tax deduction, PLUS recognition in the Lesson Guide, PLUS I will donate the full program (film + lesson guide) to a school of your choice!



My mission as a filmmaker and social worker is to empower students with the information and tools they need to navigate their social environments with confidence, compassion, and respect.  Since its premiere, Confessions has had a meaningful impact on audiences, especially those who have had the opportunity to engage in post-film discussions and workshops.  A thoroughly researched, peer-reviewed lesson guide will deepen the film’s impact and lengthen its shelf life.  This will allow more students to benefit from its universal themes, which resonate with students everywhere.   

I hope you will consider making a tax-deductible donation to bring the complete Confessions program to thousands more students and educators across the nation and beyond.  

 “Not only is this film an excellent way to open up discussions with young people, it also deepens the awareness of this difficult issue for the adults who must work to ensure that the young people in their lives emerge from adolescence with a healthy sense of who they are and compassion for themselves and each other.”

— Sally Hensley, Principal, Crested Butte (CO) Community School

Thank you for donating to Confessions of a Social Bully: THE LESSON GUIDE!

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Thank you Barbara for sharing this with me


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Keep doing this important work!


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I was a school psychologist for many years. This needs to be distributed widely.


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Best of luck with this endeavor.


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