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Help this story to be remembered forever

This is the true story of human kindness and the bond between two men that should never be forgotten. We need your help so we can bring Daylight Follows to compleation. The world seems to have forgotten we are all one race, the human race. Rick and Irving knew this.

This is the true story of Rick, a teenage American soldier who survives D-Day, whilst Irving a Czechoslovakian Jew suffers in Auschwitz before being forced on a death march west. Battling through Europe, Rick discovers Buchenwald where Irving is fighting for his life. They form a friendship that will last a lifetime.


In America, Rick (17) is drafted to the military at the outbreak of WWII. Having keen marksmen parents, Rick is quickly recognised as a solid pair of hands and is sent to train with the Engineering Corps. Becoming an expert at invasions, Rick lands on the first wave of D-Day, fighting to liberate Europe from the Nazis.

Irving (13) a Czechoslovakian Jew suffers under the Nazi regime spreading throughout Europe. Persecuted and harshly separated from their parents at home and from the rest of their family at the gates of Auschwitz, he and his brother Andrew suffer vile treatment at the hands of the SS.

Battling his way through western Europe, Rick’s unit frees occupied towns and cities. They advance towards Germany and make their way along the River Rhine.

From Auschwitz, Irving and his brother are forced on a three day death march west, ending at Buchenwald concentration camp where more horror awaits. Irving’s brother is selected, taken away and Irving never sees him again.

Rick, in his quest to find supplies, stumbles upon what later becomes known to him as Buchenwald concentration camp. Calling in backup, he physically blows up the lock on the gates to the camp and liberates it, freeing the inmates and meeting Irving for the first time.

Years later, both men independently settle in New York City and, after Irving searches for Rick, they share an emotional reunion. They become close friends until Rick’s death. Irving’s hero is gone but their bond will live forever.

So… Who are we? Below Is Geoff Brooks the Director of Daylight Follows

This is Geoff’s first feature film having been a sucessful documentary short film maker. Day to day Geoff runs Groundbreak films and directs commercials and music videos. Geoff is a passionate film maker and along with producers Paul Mortlock and Garry Paton we have all been working on Daylight Follows since 2016. We are committed to bringing this film to the masses and helping to ensure this story isn’t forgotten.

Your donation will enable us to finish this film to the highest standard and add powerful dramatic scenes to our already amazing true story. We will be able to find the best actors, crew, equipment and locations within Europe to help tell this story. This along with our detailed marketing plan will make sure this film is seen by many, many people. We believe this story should never be forgotten,  your help is vital.

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