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Is progress, PROGRESS?

Human Progress is about improvements in the well-being of people, not only looking at economics but also their varied experiences of their living conditions.

Please help us raise awareness about the facts of Human Progress.

We are passionate about helping people to discern between the bad, the good, and the factual about Human Progress and lift the veil of uncertainty and pessimism. 

You can help us teach others
how to see the world we live in!

Your help is needed to finish Human Progress—The Bad, the Good, and the Factual.  Funding is critical and needed immediately in order to complete this film with excellence. We still need to raise $66,000 for production and postproduction.

We tell the story of an epic battle over the centuries between two mindsets. The agents of disinformation and pessimism—the doomsayers and demagogues—who trumpet negativity about human progress, and the scientists, researchers, and thinkers who examine empirical data and worldwide trends to track human progress. Victory for either side lies in how people around the world answer one basic question: are you better off now than people were in the past? And, looking to the future, will you choose to be hopeful or to be pessimistic? The documentary examines and forcefully challenges some of those faulty premises, such as Thomas Malthus’ prediction about the increasing human population overwhelming food production, the 1973 MIT model predicting the end of human civilization, and Ronald Wright’s 2004 “progress trap,” where progress inevitably leads to disaster. The last section looks toward the future, to see where a more positive view of progress could take us. Given the limitations of economic measurements like the GDP, research and policy-influencing organizations have been developing methods for measuring progress and wellbeing, and some of these have been incorporated into the public policies of countries like Denmark, Bhutan and New Zealand. The film challenges viewers to discern between empiricism and disinformation and inspires them to reinterpret their personal experience and world view toward the positive.

Your support will help raise the funding for this project and raise the positive view about our Human Progress.

Do you believe in Progress?

Partner with us to show that the human condition is better now than any time in the past!

Funds Allocation Plan

Your tax-deductible generous funding will help complete the $ 34,850 milestone for production of Human Progress – The Bad, the Good, and the Factual.  Any additional funds will be applied to the $ 23,070 milestone for postproduction, (and coffee for our team).  Hopefully, the combined donations from supporters from all fields will take us through the final line, with champagne to celebrate with our guardian and inspirational mentor Carole Dean and the From The Heart Production’s team.

Acknowledgement and Reward for Your Tax-Deductible Donation

$25 – Acknowledgement/Thank You letter and mention on social media

$26-100 – Digital HD copy of Film (plus: Acknowledgement/Thank You letter and mention on social media)

$101-500 – Your name in the supporting credits at the end of the film. (Plus Digital HD copy of Film, Acknowledgement/Thank You letter, and mention on social media)

$501-1,500 – Human Progress coffee mug, (Plus Your Name in the supporting credits at the end of -the film. Plus Digital HD copy of Film, Acknowledgement/Thank You letter, and mention on social media)

$1,501-5,000 – Human Progress T-Shirt (Plus Human Progress coffee mug, Your Name in the producers’ credits at the end of the film. Plus Digital HD copy of Film, Acknowledgement/Thank You letter, and mention on social media)

$5,001- 30,000 – Executive Producer end credits in the final film and a signed copy of the Human Progress script. (Plus Human Progress T-Shirt, Human Progress coffee mug, Digital HD copy of Film, Acknowledgement/Thank You letter, and mention on social media)

$30,001-34,000 – A copy of Ten Global Trends Every Smart Person Should Know: And Many Others You Will Find Interesting book by Marian L. Tupy and Ronald Bailey, signed by the authors (Executive Producer end credits in the final film and a signed copy of the Human Progress script. (Plus Human Progress T-Shirt, Human Progress coffee mug, Digital HD copy of Film, Acknowledgement/Thank You letter, and mention on social media)

$34,001+  – Same as above plus a fantastic surprise, soon to be announced.  Keep tuned:

Marketing & Distribution Strategy

The film Human Progress expects to cover production costs through grants and donations or investments through and with the assistance from Fiscal Sponsorship by From The Heart Production. The remaining balance is expected to be covered by:

  • Private and corporate donations
  • Video On Demand (VOD) from Amazon’s Create Space, Vimeo Pro, and YouTube
  • Educational License Agreements
  • Merchandising selling online and at screening events

Thank you for donating to
Human Progress—The Bad, the Good, and the Factual

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If you feel excited about the film, please let us know. We would be delighted to  see a note of encouragement. Please support the movie with your donation today!

Our Team

Albert Halac
Director, Producer

Principal of Intercultural Facilitation, Albert Halac, brings extensive experience in marketing communications that spans two continents for more than 45 years.

As Creative Director, he participated in creating, developing, and implementing marketing strategies as well as health and quality-of-life education programs for private corporations and nonprofit organizations.

As Senior Director of Creative Marketing at Pracon, a division of Excerpta Medica, he was responsible for creating, developing, and implementing strategies and health promotion programs used in marketing pharmaceuticals to physicians and pharmacists.

Albert also created, wrote, and produced promotional and educational materials for the Hispanic market. He designed and implemented production and project management systems and established a worldwide network of vendors with an annual budget of over $ 8 million. After earning a degree in fine arts from Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes and Management for Health Care Organizations at Universidad Católica in Argentina, Albert completed programs in Expository Writing and Communications at Hunter College, Social Marketing for Hispanic Americans at Georgetown University, and Interpreting in Health and Community Settings at NV Area Health Education Center.

Relevant Projects:

  • Outreach Campaign on Secondhand Smoke, U.S. EPA;
  • Design and Cultural Adaptation of English
  • Nutrition Education Materials, USDA, Food and Nutrition Service;
  • Exercise: A Guide from the National Institute on Aging NIA, HHS/TMN;
  • Opportunities in the Indian Railway Sector, U.S. TDA.;
  • Interpretive Panels and Exhibits, US FWS.
Rose Ciccarelli
Writing, Editor

Content developer and manuscript editor with extensive experience.

Content Developer – Select Projects:

  • Developed member emails, social media posts, and press releases for online marketplace partnering with retailers to raise funds for social causes.
  • Developed website content that achieved 2,000 page views and 600 unique visitors per week.
  • Created lead-ins, blog posts, and other content for defense industry ethics website. Edited additional content to ensure compliance with editorial guidelines.
  • Developed, directed, and produced over 50 television ads within 24 months.
  • Edited screenplay chosen as finalist for Best Unproduced Screenplay in 2016 Film Fest International in Milan.
  • Edited romantic suspense novel that was nominated for 2014 Global Award, EpicCon Award, and New Mexico Book Technical Editor: Select Projects
  • Edited 60-page report on nuclear defense research and development for US White House.
  • Revised 9 reports for US Congress House Appropriations Committee Surveys and Investigations; developed internal style guide.
  • Revised white papers on diverse health topics for physicians and nurses.
  • Assisted in editing and developing online MBA courses for business university.

Instructional Designer – Select Projects:

  • Created 20 guides for interactive simulations on topics spanning teen mobile phone use, boating, financial literacy, sexual harassment, football, and military ethics. Achieved 9 Communicator Awards.
  • Developed interactive simulation guide on reducing infection risk in hospitals, disseminated to all hospitals, medical schools, and nursing schools nationwide with over 200,000 users.
  • Drafted 8-unit distance learning course and webinars on disaster preparedness.

Dickinson College: Bachelor’s degree. English and History The Johns Hopkins University: Master of Arts (MA) Creative Writing

Chris Hettich
Producer, Latin America

Chris is responsible for ensuring the proper development and execution of promotional content and film distribution within the Latin America region, assists with planning, development and reporting on promotional events. She is a highly organized and motivated individual who thrives in an environment where collaboration across teams is crucial to success.

Fluent in English and Spanish, Chris has excellent bilingual communication skills and a good sense of aesthetics. She adds a valuable extra asset to the project with her experience as a target profiling and fraud/cybersecurity Analyst.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (Business Administration) from George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.

Jillian Ford
Assistant Producer, Researcher

Jillian works hand and hand with the director/producer and helps to bring the project to fruition. Dedicated, dependable and flexible. She strives to exceed expectations with work that is top notch.

Relevant Experience:

News Assistant- ABC7 LA
Printed and distributed newscast scripts, ran teleprompter, searched tape files for video, helped the assignment desk by making beat checks, monitored social media, answered phones, and logged tapes for stories and for music usage.

Executive Producer/ Reporter- “Falling into Unpaid Internships”
Wrote, produced, edited a long form an award winning and NATS Emmy Nominated investigative piece on the legality behind unpaid internships.

Executive Producer/ Reporter- Centre County Report
Wrote and produced packages about Centre County for a live broadcast every Friday. Specialized in live Audio Board Op, Live graphics and floor directing.

Executive Producer-WLBF: Voices of Centre County
Created a half hour newscast that airs on local radio featuring four different languages. Responsibilities included finding voice talent, researching demographics, hiring writers, hiring translators, buying studio time, editing and releasing the show on a time crunch.

Thank you for donating to Human Progress—The Bad, the Good, and the Factual!