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LATINA OWNED chronicles the life of Keshia, a young charismatic undocumented Latina living in New York City, who decides to start her own business. In doing so, she not only embarks on a journey that challenges her as a young entrepreneur but also discovers how Latinas must fight tenaciously in the United States to establish themselves as relevant group.


Since December 2013, we have been following Keshia’s courageous and fascinating journey as she strives to have their American Dream be realized. Our small team comprised mostly of women and immigrants has been filming primarily in the neighborhood of Sunnyside in Queens, NY and the sorrounding New York City boroughs. Our goal is bring you this intimate film to live and inspire young Latinas to pursue their dreams and make them a reality.

Latina Owned is a feature length documentary that chronicles and explores the life path of Keshia an young charismatic undocumented Latina in New York City who defies cultural and societal conventions when she decides to open and run her own business. Keshia has had her life challenged by the cultural and familial norms in the U.S. Latinx Community and by the immigration laws in the U.S.  By sharing her journey, this film aims to inspire other Latinas to find their passion and fight to make it a reality.  Latina Owned will hold up the mirror to the Latinx Community so we may begin to shift our views of Latinas and the contributions that they can offer to the community. 

Beyond the Latinx Community in the U.S., this film will inspire young girls everywhere to dream and set goals for what they want their role to be in the world.

By combining vérité footage with poignant conversations with Keshia, stories from their friends and families, and stylized stagings, the audience learns about her struggles and how she has overcome them to pursue her dream of of having something that is Latina Owned

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