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The Mission

Real estate investment and development is a numbers game: ROI. Established formulas suggest the more you put in (bigger and better) the more you get out. To give it a bit of flavor and for marketing purposes, the development is then dressed up in a theme—Tuscan, perhaps? As we all know, this type of real estate does not evoke the feelings or happiness, wonder and adventure we get when we are immersed into the “real” Tuscany. But there is no money in that. Is there?

Real estate success needs a new paradigm. It needs to Get Real. Feel Real. Bring joy and meaning to the development process and end users. Lower development cost, quicker sales cycles—Make economic sense. Xsense.

It can be done. It has been done. Are you ready for the new paradigm? Have you adapted to the new generation of buyers? They are not looking for a roof over their heads, they want an exceptional experience, a connection to their new neighborhood, to their new social environment.

They want it to be real.

About the Documentary

Our documentary is a beautiful story of a real place re-connected to its ancient roots and how a small California firm, Xsense, worked with a major home builder (Shea Homes) to create their most successful development in their 150-year history—right in the middle of the last economic downturn.

Xsense artfully combines anthropological research, the psychology of meaning and happiness, strategic planning, living brand development, sales, and marketing with an exciting collaborative development team process. The result: every aspect of the project connects and is rooted in a true story, the stories of the place and its people. Every seemingly mundane aspect of a project (plants, stones, colors, scents, dishes, healing therapies, names, philosophies, culture, etc.) connect in meaningful ways. Xsense helps synergize all teams involved from land planners, civil engineers, landscape designers, architects, interior designers, sales and operations—NOT by directing them what to do but by inspiring them through deep research and a process that weaves itself through typically disconnected developmental stages.

How exactly does it work?

What does it cost?

What value does it bring to the developer, the operator, the end user?

What is social sustainability?

At a time of uncertainty and a new global consciousness we look to be inspired by what is real, what matters and what will last. Beyond environmental we are looking for place sustainability, happiness, and connectedness. We want to build on the roots of humanity to elevate humanity, bring joy, health and meaning into our world.


“Being authentic, truthful, and honest in telling our story paid off handsomely.                 

We enjoyed a 3.5% premium in our prices … $27 million additional income to our bottom line.”

—Dan O’Brien

Former Regional President, Trilogy by Shea Homes