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Do you believe in homeschooling?

Partner with us to show the world that homeschooling is good for students, good for families, and good for culture!

“My friends, Garritt & Yvette Hampton, are creating what I believe will be one of the most important projects to expand the message of homeschooling that we have seen in the past decade.” – Israel Wayne

There’s a Revolution Transforming Education and it’s NOT Happening in the Classroom!

There is a war raging all around us for the hearts and minds of our children. As early as preschool, an ungodly foundation is being set for them in schools all across our nation. Children are being indoctrinated with a worldview that undermines the value of life and teaches them that they have no purpose. They are also being taught that their parents are not the authority in their lives. Desperate parents are crying out and they don’t know what to do.

But there is hope! As parents, we have the freedom to remove our children from these government institutions and teach them at home the values and morals set before us in God’s Word. However, too many parents don’t feel equipped for this important calling. Schoolhouse Rocked will encourage these parents that they CAN DO IT and give them practical resources to help them homeschool with excellence.

Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution is a feature-length documentary currently in post-production. We are asking the homeschool community and supporters of this movement to partner with us in spreading the message that homeschooling is good for students, good for families, and good for culture!


You can change lives! YOUR help is needed to finish Schoolhouse Rocked. Since post-production has now begun, full funding is critical and needed immediately in order to complete this film with excellence. We still need to raise $50,000 for music, color, sound mix, and deliverables. Following post-production, the P&A budget (marketing) will need to be raised in order to bring Schoolhouse Rocked to theaters nationwide.

We were never meant to do this alone. And we haven’t. Whether you have been a cast member in the film, a guest on the podcast, a prayer warrior, or a previous donor, THANK YOU. The role you have played in the ministry of Schoolhouse Rocked is vital. But we have a great financial hurdle to overcome and once again, your help is needed. We need you, the homeschool community, to rally around us and help us finish this important film.

Join us in providing this valuable resource to families considering homeschooling for the first time, to moms struggling with feelings of inadequacy, parents working hard to balance family responsibilities and school time, and to students wondering if they are missing out by not attending public or private schools.

While we are asking you to donate, we really want to build a partnership with you in this important endeavor. As a donor, you will receive regular project updates, and we will call on you to spread the word about the film. We will work to finish the film with excellence, so that together we can fill theaters and share Schoolhouse Rocked in your community.


The film is intended to break down common misconceptions about homeschooling, encourage a flood of new families to homeschool, and equip those already homeschooling to do it with excellence. The film follows host, Yvette Hampton, as she travels the country with her family, meeting other homeschoolers and education experts in an effort to learn the secrets of successful homeschooling and to tell the story of the millions of people who have been impacted by the homeschool revolution. As viewers follow Yvette on this journey and share in her challenges and victories, they will gather the necessary resources and encouragement to homeschool with excellence — to start strong and finish well!
Schoolhouse Rocked is being directed by Garritt Hampton, a movie industry veteran with credits on some of the biggest films of the last decade (films like Interstellar, Furious 7, TRON: Legacy, and GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra). It is being produced by his wife Yvette, whose ninja-like organizational skills and outgoing personality make her the perfect host and producer. Garritt and Yvette have been homeschooling their daughters since 2011 and are outspoken advocates for this revolution in education.

But the project is much bigger than them. All along, Schoolhouse Rocked has been a project of the homeschooling community!


We believe that the slow and steady decline of the public schools, coupled with a rising desire among parents to take control of their children’s education and training has lead to the explosive growth of the homeschool movement – The Homeschool Revolution. Schoolhouse Rocked seeks to be a leading force in the next wave of that revolution.


In the U.S. today, there are 75 million millennials, 12% of whom would prefer to homeschool their children*, but many don’t understand that they can. So many believe the myths, misconceptions, and outright lies (socialization, anyone?!?) about homeschooling that they don’t even consider it when their children are starting school. Schoolhouse Rocked will break down these misconceptions and show what a blessing homeschooling can be. It will show that families just like theirs are homeschooling with great success and enjoying the freedom, flexibility, academic benefits, and character building opportunities that homeschooling brings.

In many homes, a parent may desire to homeschool, but be faced with the opposition of a spouse, friend, or family member. Schoolhouse Rocked will help break down this resistance and provide a well-reasoned, logical, and emotionally moving argument for the benefits and blessings of homeschooling.

Fathom Events offers the opportunity to show the film in over 800 theaters across the United States. That means that in just two nights around 300,000 people will be presented with this important message. Following the theatrical release, homeschooling families will have the opportunity to share the Schoolhouse Rocked DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download with their family, friends, and neighbors. We will also make the movie available for community events at churches, homeschool co-ops, and libraries – influencing the next generation of leaders and world-changers!


We have finished filming! We are now in the post-production stage. This means hiring an editor, composer, colorist, and post-production studio to mix the audio and deliver a completed film. We have established relationships with the companies and people necessary to finish the film, but we still need to raise the budget necessary to complete the film.

Once post-production is finished, the nationwide theatrical marketing campaign will begin. We have already built an influential network of sponsors and marketing partners to get the word out as widely and as efficiently as possible. Partner with us to raise the necessary marketing capital

We are planning to bring Schoolhouse Rocked to theaters nationwide. With any project of this type, the release date and scope are subject to many factors, including successful funding, DVD, Blu-ray, and digital release (streaming and download) will follow the theatrical release and scheduling will be dependent on a post-theatrical distribution deal.

Parter with us today!

If you are excited about the film, please let us know. We would love to hear your story. Leave us a note of encouragement and support the movie with your donation TODAY!

“Schoolhouse Rocked is bringing a fresh and enlightening perspective to the stereotyped homeschooling community and encouragement to a weary mama to stay strong while homeschooling children through high school.” Audra, CA

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing what you guys are doing [making Schoolhouse Rocked]. Thank you for your boldness, joy, and peace while striving to build this love of learning and encouragement to other parents who are homeschooling and wanting to homeschool!” Danielle, MT

Thank you for donating to Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution!

“I’m so excited about Schoolhouse Rocked! Unlocking the mystery of homeschooling and making it transparent to everyone will bridge gaps on educational choices families make and make homeschool a more accessible option for more families.” Angela, GA

“As I started my homeschool journey I felt lost and overwhelmed. I am so excited to see this film help new families gain some insight and encouragement. I can’t wait to hear the testimonies of what this film will do for new families beginning their journey!” Christy, GA

Parter with us today!

Soli Deo gloria!

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I can't wait until the movie comes out so I can show all my friends! I was so excited that I was able to be one of the first people to view… Read more

I can't wait until the movie comes out so I can show all my friends! I was so excited that I was able to be one of the first people to view it and it was so inspiring that I knew I had to donate. I got a raise at work and donated the extra I got this month because I believe in this cause. You guys are 100% depending on God to do EVERYTHING and I am so impressed with how real you are. I absolutely love listening to the podcast and I am honored to be able to give as much as I am. I am so thankful God provided me this raise so I could help you guys out, even just a little bit. Thank you for all you do.

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