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The foundation of every state is the education of its youth.” – Diogenes Laertius

In California, it is estimated that one in every twenty children is without a home. These are the forgotten, the failings of a broken system. Homeless children are nine times more likely to repeat a grade and four times more likely to drop out of school entirely than their more fortunate schoolmates. Without adequate schooling, it’s nearly impossible for these children to get off the streets and into a better life.

When we discuss the homelessness crisis, it’s easier to cite numbers and statistics than it is to look at the faces of those afflicted. We’ll listen to experts and pundits, but rarely to the voices of the actual homeless. The producers of The Forgotten Angels want to change this, by giving a voice to the voiceless. By sharing the hopes, dreams, struggles, and triumphs of children that defy their surroundings to pursue education, and hope, at any cost.

These forgotten angels fight on, aided by selfless volunteers, teachers, and tutors whose mission is to extend the right of education to everyone. It’s a thankless and demanding task, but a critical one. With homelessness rising at unprecedented rates, we can’t allow this vicious cycle to repeat. If we forget the one child without a home, then we fail all twenty. These aren’t “homeless children.” These are children. And they all deserve the same bright future.

“Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change.” – William Arthur Ward

The producers of The Forgotten Angels want to shine a light on these intrepid children and their determined tutors, many of whom were once homeless themselves. Knowledge is the only way forward. Every child deserves an education and a home. And every child deserves to be heard. The more we look and listen, the more we can learn. As a society, if we aren’t constantly learning and fighting to better ourselves, then we are failing the most vulnerable amongst us. The forgotten must be remembered. Together, we can help these children achieve the future they deserve.

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“When you learn, teach. When you get, give.” – Maya Angelou




The Forgotten Angels is the story of impossible hope. In an effort to reach their untapped potential and forge a life beyond the streets, a group of homeless children battle the daunting challenges of economic disparity and systemic social inequality.

Through the involvement of selfless teachers, countless volunteers, and an organization driven to enhance educational opportunities, these children embark on a transformative journey that will alter the trajectory of their lives. For themselves, and for the future of the world around them.



Kevin Knight (Producer)

Kevin works both in documentary and fiction film. Graduating from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) he earned a degree in Management and an MBA from Union College. Kevin has over 20 years of managing projects for companies such as UCLA Health, Cedars-Sinai, GE and Deloitte. As an actor, Kevin has performed in film, television, theater and improv. With a heart for Art & Activism, Kevin has collaborated with other organizations, (VDAY and FIVE ACRES), to raise awareness for key issues within society.


Neal Tyler (Director)

Neal’s documentary work has been broadcast around the globe on outlets such as PBS, A&E, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and Amazon Prime. Neal has produced and directed for Cesar Millan’s TV Series documentaries since 2015. His screenplays have placed at the Austin Film Festival, PAGE International Awards, and countless other competitions. His still photography has been featured in the Same Cities Exhibit at the Think Tank Gallery in DTLA. Along with Kevin, he believes that visual storytelling is one of the most powerful art forms to inspire change and inform culture.


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