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The Job of Songs is an independent music documentary directed by Lila Schmitz. The film profiles a community in Doolin, an isolated village on the western edge of Ireland, that comes together to play the tunes of their ancestors. Check out the trailer here:

We are looking for producers to join our team with donations in the range of $1,000 to $10,000. We also have awesome rewards available for donations starting at $25! Every contribution will help us cross the finish line.


We finished production in the summer of 2018 and are now in the final stretch of the editorial process. The funds we raise here will make it possible for us to finish the film, which includes color correction, sound mixing, and music clearances. These funds will also make it possible for us to submit to and attend film festivals, where we can build our community and reach a global audience before our worldwide release. If we’re able to reach our fundraising goal, the film will likely premiere by the end of 2020 and be widely available in 2021, when you will be able to watch it at community screenings and in the comfort of your own home. 

Please feel free to email us with any questions and follow us on our Facebook page, Instagram, and website for the latest updates!


For gifts of $25 and up, donors will receive an online screener of The Job of Songs upon release. Pre-order today and help us finish the film!

For gifts of $50 and up, donors will receive a playlist inspired by the film, plus an online screener upon release.

For gifts of $100 and up, donors will receive a “Special Thanks” in the film credits. Plus all other rewards listed above.

For gifts of $500 and up, donors will receive a “Made possible with the support of” credit. Also, take home The Job of Songs package! Includes a theatrical poster and DVD, plus all other rewards listed above.

For gifts of $1,000 and up, donors will receive a Contributing Producer credit. Also, come to the Doolin premiere of the film! Includes 4 tickets to the screening, the chance to meet the musicians, and a pint of Guinness on us while you enjoy a pub full of incredible music. (Does not include travel expenses.) Plus all other rewards listed above.

For gifts of $5,000 and up, donors will receive a Co-Executive Producer credit. Also, see a work in progress! We will show you an unfinished cut of the film and seriously consider all your notes. Plus all other rewards listed above.

For gifts of $10,000 and up, donors will receive an Executive Producer credit. Also, bring The Job of Songs home! The best way to see a film is with those you love around you, so we will organize a community screening in your hometown. Plus all other rewards listed above.


This crisis has hit our world with an upending force and has been a source of pain and anxiety for many in our communities. We are devastated by the loss and suffering that sweep the globe. In this time of isolation, we feel that it is more important than ever to be reminded of the type of intimate communities we, as human beings, can continue to create, and so we press on with The Job of Songs

We feel that this story about community, loneliness, and the healing power of music is particularly relevant now.  Music is a way for us to unleash our feelings so that we may express the unspoken. Luka Bloom says in the film, “The job of songs can sometimes be to entertain, but it’s this thing of giving people who don’t have songs permission to feel things that are really deeply ingrained in them – that they don’t necessarily intellectually understand.” And that’s really what it’s about. We strive to foster a space for our audience to cry and laugh, mourn and love, and most of all, come together. 

We are deeply sympathetic to those who have lost jobs and are financially impacted by the Coronavirus. If you are unable to contribute, please support our film by spreading the word, and we hope that our “Spread the Joy” campaign can bring you some comfort.


The Job of Songs was born of a feeling. When I traveled to Ireland for the first time, chasing my ancestral roots, I stepped into a session in Doolin, County Clare and the feeling overwhelmed me. I could not describe it in words, yet there was something so important and gripping in those moments spent in the pub. The community. The history. The music. It did not leave me. I wanted to capture this feeling the best way I know how and so this film came into being. 

-Lila Schmitz                    

Thank you for donating to The Job of Songs!
And many thanks for your continued support! We look forward to presenting to you The Job of Songs.
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martha schmitz

$1,100.00 July 23, 2020

So excited about the flow, beauty and depth of this project, exploring your heritage in music.

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Jim Brand

$550.00 April 21, 2020

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