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Susan Henning (left) sees Hayley Mills (right) in a rare photo from “The Parent Trap”.

The Legacy of The Parent Trap is a film documentary that highlights the in the 1960s

“The Parent Trap”, the classic film and the production but also the sequels in 1986 and 1989. In 2002, Les Perkins produced for Disney The Parent Trap: Caught in the Act, a 20-minute film that glanced over in passing.

Joanna Barnes now.

Hayley Mills now.

The Parent Trap II and the sequels but did not show on-camera of the actors outside of Hayley Mills, and the top-billed actors, Maureen O’Hara, Susan Henning, and Joanna Barnes from the 1961 original film.


None of the actors from 80s Parent Trap remakes even appeared on-camera.

Interviewees for The Legacy of The Parent Trap include Tom Skerritt, Carrie Kei Heim, Monica Creel Lacy, and even the late Bridgette Anderson’s mother who speaks about her daughter’s time on The Parent Trap II. Other interviewees filmed include Susan Henning (twin double for The Parent Trap), Ron Maxwell (director of The Parent Trap II), Tommy Sands (singer of The Parent Trap song), and even Joanna Barnes (The Parent Trap (1961) and ((1998)). Finally, we are honored that Hayley Mills has also a part of the film. 

Ed Horwitz was the line producer for “The Parent Trap II” and now works for CBS-TV. He shares about his time on the 1986 sequel.

Deborah Amelon was the original scriptwriter for the “Parent Trap III” film.

   Deborah Amelon, scriptwriter for The Parent Trap III, shares for the first time ever Disney’s unfair treatment of her (while writing the script) and they demanded she chooses between finishing the script or caring for her newborn son before and after pregnancy.


The Legacy of The Parent Trap also features original cast member Kay Cole, who worked on the 1961 film, and Patricia Richardson of Home Improvement and The Parent Trap III/Hawaiian Honeymoon.


Aaron Wolf shares thoughts on Emil Erich Kästner who wrote the German book, which was the basis for the story, of “The Parent Trap”.

You will also learn German author Erich Kästner and his 1949 novel Lisa and Lottie, which was the basis
for The Parent Trap, as well as some of the many different interpretations from around the world.
The Legacy of The Parent Trap is a great opportunity to be involved in an amazing Disney approved production about one of their most famous films. Almost all our interviews are finished, and we have 95% percent left to finish the film.

We hope to finish the film ready by the upcoming holidays of 2020! In these trying times, we appreciate what you can do for us!


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