Part detective story, part comedic heist, part history lesson that we should never forget – “The Liegnitz Plot” is a documentary film that investigates a tale surrounding a Nazi who stole priceless stamps from Holocaust victims, then buried them somewhere in Poland. Embarking on a real-life “Argo”-like adventure, Gary Gilbert —a one-time “Seinfeld” producer and all-around mensch—sets out to confirm the story, recover the stamps, and return them to their rightful owners. An extraordinary and untold story of the Holocaust from Emmy, Peabody, and Academy Award-winning filmmakers Dan Sturman, Dylan Nelson, and Bill Guttentag.


6,000,000 Jews died in The Holocaust.

And yet today – nearly one in four U.S. millennials have never heard of the Holocaust! And 46% of all people worldwide haven’t heard of it, either. How can that be?

Unfortunately, we are now seeing the ominous signs worldwide: a renewal of fascism, increasingly militant ultra-nationalism, and a spike in hate crimes and intolerance. As filmmakers, we believe we must remember the past and learn from it, or we are more likely doomed to repeat it.

With “The Liegnitz Plot,” we hope to make the story of the Holocaust accessible to millions. And we aim to do it in the way that only a film can, taking viewers on a powerful emotional journey that entertains while it also educates.

Our goal is to make a film that resonates and leaves the broadest possible audience with the lesson – We Must Never Forget.

Your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE gift is a powerful statement of your belief in our mission to spread and reinforce the important lessons and messages of the Holocaust.

With the support of people like you, we can:

  •      Screen the film, grassroots style, to educators, schools, universities, synagogues, and cultural groups – where it can do the most good.
  •     Edit versions of the film (and a variety of trailers) that make it compatible for different classrooms and conferences, where there are time constraints.
  •      Support the above with educational outreachmaterials and a targeted marketing and publicity campaign.

We will prominently recognize (and thank!) all donors in the end credits of our film (unless, of course, you prefer to remain anonymous).

For gifts of $10,000 and above, we will host a screening in your honor (or in honor of a person of your choice) at a local school, to help educate our youth on the importance of remembering the Holocaust.

Donors who give $25,000 and above will receive a Contributing Producer film credit.

Donors who give $75,000 and above will receive a Co-Executive Producer film credit.


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