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London to New York by rail.
Sound impossible?

Not with the Intercontinental Railway!

The Vision

George Koumal has a dream – to connect the US and Russia via a train tunnel beneath the Bering Strait. For the past thirty years, the retired Czech-born mining engineer has been leading a passionate group of American, Russian, and Korean visionaries known as the “Strait Guys” in an uphill battle to convince international governments, corporations, and indigenous tribes to green-light their $100 billion railway project, which promises to become the Panama Canal of the 21st century. As they struggle to keep their “peace, progress, and prosperity” project alive, the Strait Guys leave us wondering: What is really preventing us from being connected?

George Koumal arriving on Little Diomede island in the Bering Strait. The island would be connected to George’s tunnel via a ventilation shaft and elevator, providing the islanders with ready access to mainland Alaska and Russia for the first time ever.


The route of the Intercontinental Railway. The dotted line represents the 8000 km that still need to be built, including the 100 km long he tunnel beneath the Bering Strait, which would link Asia and North America.

The Film

The Strait Guys is a feature-length documentary by American independent filmmaker Rick Minnich, who has spent the past eleven years following George and his fellow Strait Guys around the globe. He filmed them presenting their vision to politicians, at conferences, and to native communities along the planned route through Alaska. He even traveled to the end of the rail line near Yakutsk in eastern Siberia to film the Strait Guys linking with their Russian counterparts, who are already extending their railroad toward the Bering Strait. The Strait Guys is a heartwarming story of one man’s tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds, and an inspiring example of how Americans and Russians can work together outside the hardened political front which is keeping our countries apart.

Join our team and help us connect the world
with the Intercontinental Railway

Intercontinental Railway founders Victor Razbegin (2nd from left) and George Koumal (3rd from left) and Chief Project Advisor Scott Spencer (right) unveil the Russian version of the InterContinental Railway flag together with Alexei Mestnikov (left) and Dmitriy Kondratov (2nd from right) of Yakutia Railway and film producer Vlad Ketkovich (3rd from right) at the end of the railway line in Nizny Bestyakh, Siberia (near Yakutsk). September 26, 2018. Photo ©2018 Rick Minnich.


Current Status

Production is complete, and we are currently putting on the finishing touches: voice-over recording, sound mix, color grading. With your support, we can complete this work to the highest possible quality, and launch the film into the world.

As of June 15, 2021, we have a budget deficit of $154,371. Below is an overview of our income sources and expenses to date. Your contributions will help cover the following expenditures:

  • post-production expenses (voice-over talent and recording, sound design and mix, color grading, mastering)
  • marketing costs (including website, posters, social media)
  • travel expenses for in-person presentations at film festivals and other events
  • office and administrative expenses
  • Errors & Omissions insurance
  • deferred salaries

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