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The Gift of Light Equality

How a Maverick Inventor is Bringing Light and Power From Water to the World
A 40 year quest for the unusual and “impossible” renewable energy source lands on a simple solution. One that was hidden in plain sight, this series will open the eyes of people of all ages and backgrounds to further innovation with the technology. It has the potential to replace solar panels and batteries with a non-toxic, regenerative fuel cell. Unlike solar panels and wind turbines, there is no end of life solid waste. As will be demonstrated in the series, it can be scaled from a single LED to household size.
Please join us, as we travel the World sharing “The Gift of Light Equality”


The Water Cell-India.

 We will travel to the jungle of Karnataka, Southern India, to show people how to create micro powered light and appliance charging in a remote environment. Set on a sustainable farm, we will build a more sophisticated unit than in the first episode to show the possibilities for home sized units. Supporting local musicians to do the film score will add to the local flavor.                          Involving nearby schools with a roadmap for outreach to surrounding areas will further the mission. We will also be exploring manufacturing in the region for world wide product distribution.

The Water Cell-Dubai

A high tech, fully functioning, household size unit will be built and demonstrated. Using electronics, the power output can be amplified, introducing yet another little known technology. The simplicity and versatility of the Water Cell will be fully demonstrated in these varied settings to inspire worldwide use.  

We are in production

The first installment is well underway, as filming and editing are being done while experiments are performed. A unique feature of this series is in capturing historic events as they unfold. From simple cells to more sophisticated builds, the mission is:        “The Gift of Light Equality”.

Support the Film, Support the Mission

As a businessman, Sterling has been considering patents for some aspects of the technology. As a humanitarian however, he recognizes that the immediate solution for light and power should be quickly disseminated through the films. The experiments and improvements shown are intended to inspire people to carry forward, without delay.

The Team

Sterling Buell  Inventor, Executive Producer

Having a curious and inventive mind, Sterling began restoring cars of the 1930s at age 13. Volunteering at the Los Angeles Co. Museum led to an invitation to work at the Smithsonian Institution at 17. Exhibits construction was a fun job, but his passion for classic cars called him back to Southern California. Opening an auto restoration shop at 21, he operated that facility for 15 years. Going into semi-retirement, he began the restoration of his 100 year old stone house in the Santa Monica Mountains. It looked like a Mayan Ruin when he started. One mile from all services, the ancient road had been reduced to a trail. Five years into the project his family moved in. Water was pumped 1/4 mile from a spring. Solar panels, a generator, and batteries supplied power. Having been a student of alternative energy systems since the 1970s, he studied the most esoteric technologies to fully explore the subject. Becoming a film maker is somewhat of a happy accident. An old friend happened on the scene of Sterling’s latest work, and decided to start a documentary. So, here we are! Support of these films will enable his life long dream of bringing clean power to the world a reality.

Ali Sade Executive Producer, Director

Ali is a multi-talented professional with over thirteen years of producing, directing and project management experience in media, broadcast, film and television production in London, Los Angeles and Karachi. Working within tight timescales to client specifications to deliver projects within the budgets allocated has always been his top priority. Whether it is directing and delivering a feature film for theatrical release, to shooting dramas and live shows to using his project management and creative skills, it is about getting the job done efficiently, timely and within the resources allocated to stakeholder satisfaction. He has produced and directed for networks like MTV, GEO, ARY, TENSPORT, PTV, TVONE and agencies such as JWT, Mediacom, Brainchild and Starcom. A hands-on individual with an excellent understanding of production from inception to finish and has successfully directed 7 seasons of drama and 2 feature films of which were both theatrically released. His last feature, Kanebaaz was reviewed by the Tribune with the New York Times as a “Brilliant Drama” He also directed award winning reality/entertainment/current affairs shows, commercials and corporate projects. The aim has been, and always will be, working to create distinctive projects that function across different media. Reaching targeted audiences with specific messages in ways that will excite, entertain and capture the imagination.



 Gordon Bennett Co-Producer, Writer, Director, DP, Editor and Narrator

Doing all these things has aged him considerably, you wouldn’t recognize him today.

The Budget 

We need the following to finish Episode 1 of “The Water Cell” project by December, 31, 2021 :

1.Wages- 2 people  5 months @ $1,500/month each                                                                                          $15,000

2. Office Equipment- (our computers are dangerously old)                                                                                      5,000

3. Rent- Office, Lab, Living                                                                                                                                       3,000

4. Materials-to continue prototype building                                                                                                               1,000

5.Final Mastering- Digital Upgrade                                                                                                                           1,500

6. Music Rights                                                                                                                                                          5000

7. Post production-final editing                                                                                                                                  5,000

8. Film Festival Entries                                                                                                                                             1,500

9. Misc.                                                                                                                                                                     4,000

10. Bus and preparation work                                                                                                                                  7,500

11. Social Media Marketing                                                                                                                                      2,500

Total: Episode 1                                                                                                                                                        $50,000


The benefit of sharing your funds with us is in accelerating the widespread development and use of the Water Cell. Sterling has funded the project so far, and will continue. He’s had the ability to take a while off work, but that time is rapidly coming to an end. This film is getting done, one way or the other. (Sterling is just trying to find a way out of his day job).

But Wait !!

We have 2 more episodes to go-

The India episode is estimated to cost $100,000.


The Dubai episode, our most sophisticated build, comes in at $150,000

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