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Caught up in an attention-driven media landscape, idealistic journalists struggle to
overcome public distrust, re-shaping the future of news publishing.
Trusted Sources

In an age of global communication, where text and video can be shared instantly, anyone can be a “publisher.” Stoked by competition for advertising dollars and partisan politics, this technology revolution has contributed to a growing distrust of news, news organizations, and journalists. The variety of information sources, with varying degrees of accuracy, objectivity, and interests, overwhelms news consumers with unprecedented information flow, conflicting narratives, and contradicting “facts.”

Trusted Sources examines the reasons many people don’t trust news outlets. We follow a news skeptic on their search for news without “spin.” We go behind the scenes to see how news is gathered and reported, sitting in on editorial meetings where decisions are made that determine what gets published.

Trusted Sources provides examples of the forces that have shaped news reporting throughout history, which include the economic interests of news publishers, new technologies that enabled competition, consolidation of local news outlets into centralized news behemoths, racial bias, and reform efforts. Experts on each of these topics describe actual events, supported by archival images, showing how trust has ebbed and flowed in response to these forces.

We also follow several journalists, aspiring journalists, and activists who are on a mission to rebuild trust and keep independent news outlets alive. Journalists train other journalists on skills and techniques for demonstrating their credibility and earning the public’s trust. Their openness demystifies the journalism process, reveals the factors that influence how – and whether – stories are covered, and provides the audience with skills for deciding what news to trust.


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