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In Montana, indigenous women and girls make up only 3 – 4% of the population but they account for approximately 30% of those deemed missing by the Montana Department of Justice.

In the midst of the widespread crisis of missing and murdered indigenous women (MMIW), three families who have suffered devastating loss navigate a society and legal system that have a long history of indifference toward the struggles of indigenous families.

Ashely Loring Heavyrunner went missing on the Blackfeet reservation in Northern Montana in 2017. In the years since her disappearance, her sister Kimberly has spent countless hours searching for any evidence on a reservation the size of Delaware. It took 10 months for the FBI to finally begin an investigation into Ashley’s case, after Kimberly traveled to Washington DC and testified before congress.

In 2015, Lonette Keehner, was murdered by two white supremacists at the Super 8 Motel, where she had worked for over 20 years. Since her death, Lonette’s daughter Nicole has been working to tell her mother’s story while raising the voices of others who have been lost to the crisis.

In 2017 Bonnie Three Irons went missing near the Wolf Mountains on the Crow reservation. After struggling to file a missing person’s report with the local tribal police, her family organized a search party of their own, finding Bonnie’s body in just three hours. No one has been charged, and the “open investigation” appears non-existent.