Tax Deductible Donations for Our Fiscally Sponsored Films

Donations, Notifications, Reports, and Payouts

Donation Notifications and Donor Contact Info:

You will receive an email notification for each donation made through your fundraising page. Only one email address can receive notifications. The email address used will be the same one as your Fund My Film Account.

If you change the email address on your account profile, this will NOT change the email that your donation notifications are sent to. Please email  to have your donation notification email changed.

Please keep all donation email notifications for your records. The email notifications include the donor’s name and email address. You will need to add each donor’s email address to your email list and we recommend doing this at the time you receive each notification.

Fund My Film does not provide reports of donor contact information. However, donation/donor reports will be mailed as a hard copy with bi-monthly payout checks, and those include donor names and emails.


Donation Reports:

Donation/donor reports will be mailed with bi-monthly payout checks. Donation/donor reports are not provided by or accessible on the Fund My Film website.


Donation Payouts:

Donation payouts are issued by From The Heart via check every two weeks. Donations received from the 1st through the 15th are paid by the 23rd of the month. Donations received from the 15th through the end of the month are paid by the 8th of the next month.

Payments include your total donations collected for that period minus the applicable fees*.


From The Heart’s fee is 7% to the filmmaker, but we ask for 10% from the donor, which they have the option of covering at checkout—the 3% helps cover our payments to you for the cost of the platform.

Fees cover Fiscal Sponsorship, the Fund My Film platform, and credit card processing fees, as well as accounting and project/page support services.