Tax Deductible Donations for Our Fiscally Sponsored Films

What You Will Need for Your Page

A great fundraising page will include a pitch video, a main image, additional images, a compelling story with a call to action. The pitch video is the single most important element of your fundraising campaign. It’s essentially your elevator pitch that conveys to potential donors who you are, what your film is about, and why people should care enough to fund it. Keep it to 2 ½ to 3 minutes.

Under that should go text that tells your story, and offer additional details about the project, such as a breakdown of the budget, a synopsis, and cast and crew bios. Explain who you are and why you are trying to raise the money. Include pictures and infographics.


Elements You Will Need:

  1. Project/Film Title (required)
  2. Project category (required) – choose one: Documentary, Narrative Feature, Short, TV/Web Series, Podcast/Radio, Event, or Book
  3. Main Image / Featured Image (required) – this will be used as the thumbnail for your project listing on the category’s main listing page. You can also include your main image directly in your page content if you wish.
  4. Link to your video (YouTube or Vimeo ONLY) (optional, but highly recommended)
  5. A sincere Call to Action that represents your goals for your project (recommended)
  6. Fundraising goal amount for your campaign (optional).
  7. Description of the project, synopsis, etc. (highly recommended) – letting donors know why the project is important and why you are asking for donations is helpful to donors.
  8. Info about the crew/filmmakers (recommended)
  9. Additional images (from the film, behind the scenes, of the crew, etc.) (highly recommended)


Page Recommendations and Considerations

Here are some items to consider for your page content:

  • Add your main video or image at the top of your page.
  • Then add your Call to Action below your video and above the rest of your page content.
  • Make sure your Call to Action and the first few sentences of your text both capture the audience’s attention and inform them about the film/project.
  • Synopsis
  • Answering the “Why” – Why are you making this film? Why are you raising funds? Why should someone support this?
  • Cast and Crew Information
  • Budget
  • How you plan to spend the money you will raise (be as detailed as possible)
  • Incentives for donating
  • Your project’s social media links (or you may not want to link away from your page)
  • Additional images and videos (previews, stills, crew, etc.)
  • Marketing / Distribution Plan
  • A final Call to Action at the bottom after all the content

At the very least, we recommend including a description of your project, several images, and info about the filmmakers, as these minimal elements (and the others listed above) can help engage potential donors.


Here is a link to an Example Fundraising Page »

You can also browse other fundraising pages on Fund My Film to get an idea of what works well.