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Stop the barbaric treatment of Tennessee Walking horses!

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Imagine chemicals being painted on a horse’s ankles and then wrapped in plastic wrap to allow the chemicals to burn the flesh. Heavy chains are put around the ankles to cause pain with every step.  This is known as “soring” – the infliction of pain to achieve the so-called “Big Lick” gait. The Big Lick is an exaggerated lifting of the front legs and can only be achieved through cruel treatment.  Tennessee Walking horses are subjected to this abuse every day.

This mistreatment must stop. Organizations and individuals have tried for decades to end this torture. The Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act has been introduced in three sessions of Congress. My mission is to bring this atrocity to national attention using the powerful medium of cinema.

Awesome Gal is a commanding drama about a Tennessee Walking horse subjected to the cruel training method of “soring” and Reggie, a teen-aged girl from the coal mines of West Virginia. Reggie is also physically and emotionally abused. They meet on a farm in Virginia and embark on a journey of rebuilding their lives.

Awesome Gal is based on a true story. It is an account of healing, hope, and triumph—an inspiration to those with personal struggles.

The Director is Frank M. Calo of FMC Productions and written by Frank M. Calo and Rick Martinsen.  The movie is based on a story by Deborah Ring, Executive Producer, Awesome Gal, the movie, LLC.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” 
-Mahatma Gandhi


Awesome Gal will bring the cruel training method of “soring” Tennessee Walking horses out into the open for all to see. Awesome Gal is based on a true story of a girl named Reggie and a horse named Awesome Gal who meet by chance after fleeing abuse and begin a journey of hope, healing, and triumph.

The vision of this movie is to create two worlds paralleling Heaven and Hell. So all of our lighting sources and positions will support these two moods as such. They will reveal when and how Reggie steps out of her world of darkness and into the world of light.   Our camera movements will reflect the dichotomy of Awesome’s journey as she struggles with her own personal demons and her quick escape from the underworld.

The theme of this film is about finding courage in ourselves to leave those behind who only want to lead us towards a very dark place, and the beauty of a few people in this world who hand us small gifts — gifts that ultimately save our lives. We all have them… but only a few of us can recognize them, much less accept them when they present themselves.

Awesome Gal is a heart-warming movie that will capture a vast audience range and deliver a wonderful soundtrack as well.

The story of Awesome Gal is a departure from my usual genre, however, the story is moving, exciting, and true and needs to be told. I hope this journey leads to a better life for people and horses alike which have endured abuse.


Awesome Gal awards laurels


Producer, Director, Writer

Frank Calo, Director – Awesome Gal

Frank M. Calo an Independent Producer and Director whose film THE BELIEVER, starring Ryan Gosling, won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2001 Sundance Festival.  The Believer went on to win several more festivals, including The Berlin Film Festival, and received a theatrical release both domestically and abroad.

His film, HERE & THERE with Cyndi Lauper and David Thornton won the BEST NY NARRATIVE IN WORLD COMPETITION 2009 at the Tribeca Film Festival and had its official New York premiere played to wide audiences domestically and overseas.

Mr. Calo has worked in the industry for over 30 years, collaborating with people such as Robert De Niro, Demi Moore, Mike Myers, Shelly Winters, Marlon Brando  and Queen Latifah. He was one of the only directors who studied privately under Mr. Elia Kazan.

He also worked for two years with The Motion Picture Bond Company under Robert Bordiga, as a Producer working on films throughout the tri-state areas.


Cameron Ring, Creator/Actor – Awesome Gal

Cameron was born and raised in California before moving to Virginia for college where he majored in Political Science. It was around this time his family rescued Awesome Gal.  Awesome was shy and traumatized due to the abuse she endured, but Cameron and Awesome would form a unique bond that would get stronger as the years went on.

Four years ago Cameron changed careers and moved to New York to pursue acting.  He starred in both theater and film, including “Prophet: The story of Nat Turner”, “Pet Lawyer”,”Anadellia Rises” and “Breaking Point.”  Cameron realized the power cinema had in telling stories, and he wanted to use that power to tell Awesome Gal’s story. Though he cannot change Awesome’s past, the film can help change the future for thousands of other horses suffering the same abuse.

He completed acting classes in Los Angeles and is now in Atlanta launching his acting career.  He co-wrote, helped produce, and acted in the award-winning trailer Awesome Gal.

Executive Producer

Deborah Ring, Producer – Awesome Gal

At age 7, Deborah Ring started riding at a summer day camp. From then on she was hooked on horses and involved in many types of riding – dressage, cross- country, hunting, jumping, western. Six years ago she started training Tennessee Walking horses and learned about the hideous practice of soring, the application of caustic chemicals to the horses’ pasterns to force a high-stepping ‘Big Lick’ gait.

Mrs. Ring has found that Tennessee Walkers have a very gentle disposition and are the most intelligent of any breed she has worked with. They are also stoic; thus, the ability of trainers to practice soring without argument from the horse.

Mrs. Ring is a Nurse Practitioner and a veteran with 26 years of service. She has worked with youth groups such as 4-H, Boy Scouts, and the Little League Challenger Division.

Her dream is to produce the story of Awesome Gal and use the compelling medium of cinema to bring soring out in the open where no one can hide. She is married with two grown children, a rescue beagle mix, and owns Awesome.


Awesome Gal Crew