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This exciting and uplifting movie promotional has commentary from the stellar cast members as well as reflections and opinions from the director and producer.


A heartsick husband hunts out a homicidal Bonnie and Clyde-like couple who are hidden in the mountainous California wilderness where they have his wife and two children held as captives as the sadistic woman plans to erase the mother and take her place as their criminal mother.

THINK: “Silence of the Lambs” meets “Taken”.  The story blends various genres – it’s suspense, a thriller, and a tragedy, balanced by well-placed and thoughtful comedic moments.


Cameo Scene Opportunity For Tyler Perry For My Movie Project, “Disappearance of Deliverance”

This is my video letter to Tyler Perry. In it, I share a wonderful story about how a piece of real estate that my mother owned led to me working on “Rosewood”, directed by John Singleton.

About the Director, Michael Marks

Michael Pierre Marks was born in Atlanta, but has been a resident in southern California for just over 2 decades. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film and Video from Georgia State University. Immediately after graduating from the university, he was fortunate to work on “Rosewood”, a major Hollywood studio production. After this experience, Michael went on to write, produce, and direct short films. His latest effort, “Disappearance of Deliverance”, is a feature-length project that he will direct from his own script.

About the Producer, Stacey M. Alphonso

Theatrical Marketing and PR influencer in branding and creative development, Stacey cultivated her skills in media where she managed million-dollar media budgets to create grassroots marketing programs. During this time, she began to focus on the unmet need for diversity in marketing. Mecca Communications was created as her solution and for over 15 years, and with it Stacey brought her in-depth understanding of targeted marketing- particularly to “Communities of Color” winning several awards along the way.

In 2009, Stacey transitioned into entertainment marketing, creating integrated strategies for film releases, oversaw domestic publicity for multicultural markets for all film releases for Columbia Pictures and Screen Gems. There, she pioneered the first HBCU internship program increasing the number of diversity students working with one of the big five Hollywood studios, getting hands on with publicity and marketing efforts on such Academy Award-winning films as The Social Network and MoneyBall, 21.