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Have you ever wanted to be a vital part of a fun feature film that is a social agent for change for women and minorities?

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Be a part of the new Hollywood.

Together we are more powerful than a select few.

For anyone who has had funny, colossal fiascos on the way to a dream… this film is for you!


We’re excited to announce that we finished production of the film, and now in post-production (check us out on IMDb). In light of current events when so many films had to cease production, we’re grateful to be in the process of creating meaningful, funny and entertaining film content important at this time.

Your tax-deductible donation is invaluable to help us bring this movie to the screen!

We’re proud to be fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions, Top-Rated Nonprofit by Great Nonprofits five years in a row.


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Just like 90% of actors struggle to make it in Hollywood, this little film is determined to make it to the screen.

And it needs YOU… to bring it to life.


Have you ever tried to succeed in an industry where thousands of struggling artists are on the ‘bottom’ of the pyramid, and a tiny portion of wildly successful artists are on top? If you’re an actor, musician, dancer, writer, crafts person or painter – statistically speaking, this is YOU.

Time to flip this model, you in? This film is your film, and represents the voices of the female and minority artists in all trades determined to make it – on our terms.

Beneath the tales touting how to succeed in Hollywood, hides the crucial information of how NOT to succeed – and what NOT to do. That’s where the gold is buried, providing a new take on Tinseltown, uncovering the pitfalls, pratfalls and punks. Time to unearth the treasure.

Brace yourself, it’s quite a ride. You might even find yourself laughing. Because let’s face it, failure is funny.

Like pioneers, we’re launching a grassroots movement to raise funds and break past the monopoly mold. We’re running past the industry gatekeepers to tell this poignant and comical story, catch us if you can.

Join us!


Some of our cast and crew members


Thank You to Our Donors on Our Previous Platform!


Behind-the-Scenes Video Filming our Movie

Top (left to right) – Lisa Stoll, Jennifer Burns, Yahir Alvarado (w/Lisa Stoll) and Gary Baca, Daniel Hess and Jo Ann Andrus.

Bottom (” “) – J.J. Johnson, Cheryl Humbert; Actors Karla Acosta, Deniese Garner, Adrian Gilbert and C.M. Conway; Angelica Pique



It was no surprise to Ellie when she took a career placement test, and the results revealed her top skill: Artist, Performing Arts. Years later, she didn’t know her top skill would actually be the expert on successfully failing in Hollywood. A surreal twist unfolds, blurring the worlds of fantasy and reality on the way to her dream, as she unwittingly becomes an anti-detonator guide to prevent a failure bomb. Life-changing adventures ensue with her gay, Latino friend Ben, as each seek to retrieve an authentic self in outrageous circumstances.

This is Hollywood darling, even angels have agents.

The film is a combination of the whimsical world of Amélie and the amusing industry world of L.A. Story.

This film for the whole family humorously and poignantly celebrates female failures (a taboo subject), while shining a light on women and unknown artists in the industry – pillars of the industry itself. This narrative feature contributes a real-woman protagonist over 40 to the landscape of cinema, and depicts a lead Latino gay character in a non-stereotypical and positive light. Both cinematic rarities. The film’s actors and crew are also predominantly minorities and women, helping level the playing field pioneered by high-profile activists including Geena Davis and Regina King.



Female-Led Crew


Our crew is led by experienced women and minorities with over 150 film credits and 90 years in the film industry combined. The screenplay is written by C.M. Conway, our director and executive producer (also in the film). She spent many years inside and outside the Hollywood industry, affording her priceless experience for this film.

Lisa Stoll is our director of photography, a visionary in the field and the fifth female to graduate with a MFA from The American Film Institute, in addition to receiving the honors below:

Awards and Achievements

  • Best Independent Film Cinematography: Canadian International Film Festival
  • Best Independent Film Cinematography: Great Britain International Film Festival
  • Best Independent Film Cinematography: International Film Festival, Belgium
  • Gold Seal Award: International Film and Video Festival
  • Great Britain Bar in Bronze: Film Festival der Nationen, Austria
  • Mention d’Honneur: Festival International du Film et D’Exploration France
  • Diplome: Festival International du Court Metrage De Mons, Belgium
  • Best Independent Film: Ippodromo di Montecatini International Film Festival, Italy

Music is also an integral part of our project. Our singer, songwriter and composer is the lovely Hope Levy, adding her heartfelt compositions and songs to our film. Her music will cue the inner world of our protagonist.

This film is powered by women in leadership positions, to help balance the playing field in the industry.

Our fiscal sponsor is the non-profit organization, From the Heart Productions, led by the incomparable Carole Dean. Your donation is tax-deductible!

Top row (left to right): Cheryl Humbert, Lisa Stoll and Angelica Pique.

Center row (left to right): Jennifer Burns and J.J. Johnson.

Bottom row (left to right): Carole Dean, C.M. Conway and Hope Levy


Film Budget


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Our film inspires a larger movement of celebrating mistakes and finding the funny in failure. Many women (and men) experience embarrassment around failures. This film aims at questioning and lifting this stigma and liberating women by embracing their colossal fiascos, just like the lead woman in the film. This helps generations of women learn from each other and navigate the path ahead, using slip-ups as stepping stones to reach their truth, goals and potential. Once personal and collective stories are shared, they empower all of us.

Women’s personal stories are strikingly resonant, and this film will help promote them.

Join the parade.

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