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Planet GLiESE Mission is to create a global, kind community that wants to change the world for the better and inspire kids and teenagers.

Through entertainment, we want to:

-reignite the passion for Space exploration

-protect the environment and our Planet

-promote kindness, universal peace, non-violent means of resolution and prosperity for all

-raise people’s consciousness by inspiring them becoming the best version of themselves

-promote oneness, unity and the pursuit of universal truth and happiness

The word Planet GLiESE is a real exoplanet, 20 light-years away from earth, orbiting around a red dwarf star in the habitable zone.

We imagine a utopian society there, which can be an example to improve our planet.

When you donate $100 or more you can choose for free one of our swags. 

We are united globally to inspire the masses to lead a peaceful and kind life while pursuing, truth, universal peace and prosperity.

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