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Our Story… Since before the charter was signed in Wilmington, NC, there have been humans being sold. Not long after the charter in 1739, a myth was created. A secret group, men and women alike who would steal slaves and send them north to freedom. During the Civil War, it was rumored they used weapons on plantation henchmen to move human beings along the Underground Railroad. During the race riots of 1898, it was thought they would come to the defense of the African Americans being attacked by whites.  Black business owners and Black City Officials were slain in the streets and yet, these anti-heroes never appeared. Some say they disappeared. Some say they were part of the mob. Through the years, they faded into folklore. When Alex Abraham returns home for holiday break, she hears tell of the daughters of two prominent families in town that have been kidnapped. Her father, well known attorney Jakob Abraham tells her who is investigating the case. Alex knows this cop is dirty and these girls will be ignored. Her Grandmother gives her a nudge to do her own investigation. A long time myth is brought to her attention. When she learns the myth is real, she meets the new members of the group with a storied past. What she doesn’t know is how close to home this group of anti-heroes are to her history. Welcome to PROPHETS…

Hello… Thanks for dropping by. There are so many choices out there and having you check us out means a great deal. PROPHETS is a product of Tobbot Films, a film company based in Southeastern North Carolina. Our goal is to tell stories based on real issues, some funny, some serious. PROPHETS is our second feature and it deals with a subject that is on the rise right now…Human Trafficking. Statistics from 2018 showed an increase number of cases in the US by 10,000 and ranked our area of the world, North Carolina, 8th in the country in new cases. In Wilmington, where we are based, we rank 4th in the state in reported cases. Let’s stress the word REPORTED mainly because it is thought that most cases are NOT reported. Working with A SAFE PLACE, a 501 C3 Victim’s Organization, we will be including in our story, statistics as well as contact information for anyone who feels they are witness to OR part of this crime. Although our story is fiction, we believe the victims come first. With the help of A SAFE PLACE, we hope we will bring awareness to this horrible practice. From all of our donations to this page, 10% will be going to A SAFE PLACE…



The Creators… An unlikely team, Jonathan Landau and J.R. Rodriguez are the builders of the Tobbot World of storytelling. Jon, the ever calming voice of reason and J.R., the passion driven agitator have just completed their first feature film together, a love story called Remember Yesterday. here’s who they are… Jonathan Landau (Director, Producer) – Jonathan Landau has been producing, directing, and writing independent films for a quarter century. He has won various awards over the years, including the Platinum Remi from Worldfest Houston (2014), the Director’sAward from the North Carolina Film Awards (2015), and was named Encore Magazine’s Filmmaker of the Year (2017). As a producer, Jonathan is best known for the feature films Ding-a-ling-less, The Last Summer, Beyond the Living, The Terrible Two and 8 SLICES. Jonathan also works in the industry as a production manager and 1st assistant director on select features, shorts, and television shows.

J.R. Rodriguez (Writer, Producer, Actor) – J.R. has been in the entertainment world from the age of 9. He has having been seen in shows such as Dawson’s Creek, Good Behavior and The Act as well as the films Tammy, Loggerheads, Black Knight, Just Like the Son and 20 Funerals. He is the writer and director of the Tobbot Films, LLC production. His first feature film, Remember Yesterday is set for a 2021 Spring release.  J.R. has written 5 screen plays and 3 plays. He is also the author of the critically acclaimed book of poetry, Things I See.

In Front of The Camera…

 Robert Treveiler – (Richard Talment) Known as “Sheriff John Nix” on the Award Winning OZARK, Robert can also be seen in films such as Richard Jewel, Sully, Above Suspicion and The Accountant. He has also been seen on Television in shows such at The Act, MacGyver, House of Cards and Nashville. Rob and his lovely wife, Kecia Michelle spilt their time between the mountains of Virginia and the coast of Southeastern, North Carolina.

Marley Aliah – (Alex Abraham) Actor, Singer, Songwriter. Marley has spent most of her young life in the entertainment world, Film Roles include, Abigail Falls, Dwight In Shining Armor and the upcoming Remember Yesterday. Marly has also performed in numerous plays and musicals including Into The Woods (Baker’s Wife) and most recently, FROZEN (Anna).

 Joy Ducree Gregory – (Adele) Actor, Singer, Director, and mother of an amazing son. She has performed on numerous stages. Some of her favorite past roles include Caroline (Caroline, or Change), the Witch (Into the Woods), Sofia (The Color Purple), Dolly (Hello, Dolly!), Joanne (Rent), and Motormouth Maybelle (Hairspray), to name a few.  Joy received critical acclaim for her direction of the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winning play Clybourne Park. Joy was also nominated by Broadway World for Best Actress in a Professional Musical for her role as Caroline in Caroline, or Change. 

  Brent Schraff – (Solomon) has been performing on stage and screen for the last 20 years appearing on popular TV shows like Halt and Catch Fire, 24, Cold Case, Without a Trace and West Wing. He will next be seen in a leading role in the SAG short Permanence currently being submitted to film festivals around the country.  Brent is also a successful voice over artist collaborating on multiple projects for Disney, Pixar and Toonz as well as hundreds of videogames and national commercials.

The Plan…

Our story is just getting started, but you can’t go in without a plan. Both our creators have gone through this process and have examined a number of options. Our breakdown for the $100K is as follows.

Investors- $40, 000

Contributions- $30,000

Grants- $30,000

We have a team working on finding grants that best suit us and as promised, we plan on sharing a portion of each grant as well as any profit we make from the sell of the film with A SAF PLACE. Our goals are broken down in to 3 phases. Investors to be in place by September 15th, donations on a rotating deadline for each level and to have a number of grants applied for by the end of summer. We’re hoping to start production by the start of the year, with all consideration given to the current situation with Covid-19. We’re not looking for the homer…Although, it would be great. We would much rather find 3000 people contribute $10…We want everyone to be part of this project!!!

A thank you to some of the folks that have gotten us this far!!!


Top Row- Becca Vourvoulas, Dax Valdes, Thao Nguyen, Heather Setzler, Timothe Bittle Middle Row- Beth Crookham, Heather Lindquist-Bull, George Schwenzer, Kimberly Ott Brumsley, Tori Gowland Bottom row- Nick Pearson, Amber Dawn French, Jock Brocki, Natalie Alberti and Casting Director Jen Ingulli.

Along with our amazing promo crew, these are the wonderful people that have granted us their talent and time and we are so very grateful!

As we get started on this journey, we would just like to mention, we have secured some wonderful talent and we are hoping to land someone special for a very important role…(Can’t really let that out of the bag…Legal Reasons and all) and with your help we can get there. You TAX DEDUCIBLE contribution to our project will not only tell a wonderful story, full of twists and turns as well as action, you will also be helping an organization that looks out for the very victims that we are speaking about. 10% of every contribution goes to A SAFE PLACE…And we’re honored to b part of the important message they have. Join us! Be part of getting indie film up and running again with a story that is in the news everyday, but is looked over.  We look forward to sharing this project with you and are so very excited you have chosen to spend some time with…