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Susan’s struggle to find balance in her life as she deals with her practical husband and her father Will who’s showing symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, forces her to make a heartbreaking decision. Will makes the situation worse by bringing home an old Philco radio that only emits static, but swears he’s communicating with his late wife.

Static is a family friendly drama with a pinch of science fiction, a dash of comedy and a whole lot of love.

Through Will Gardner’s experience we have the chance to lightly touch on the topic of Alzheimer’s disease. Through Susan we have a chance to look at Alzheimer’s disease from the prospective of the caregiver.

Static will be  Airing on KHON2, KHII and CW – Saturday, September 25th at 7pm.

Support Static during Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and make a tax deductible donation.


Why I am making Static

I have watched as Alzheimer’s slowly stripped away the memories and physical functions from Grandpa Emmitt to the point that I was unrecognizable to him. As once his favorite grandson, having to constantly remind him who I was within a 3 min. window was heartbreaking.

Alzheimer’s disease took less than one year to change a completely independent, active loving man into the only description I can think of, a little older than a newborn child. I can still remember the look of joy in his eyes as he caught a memory of me, his little crumb snatcher, who would sit on his foot and wrap my arms around his legs as he carried me around the house. We would have a laugh, he would smile, stare off in the distance for a second and then moments later those same eyes would have fear and confusion in them because I was a stranger.

I have an emotional connection to this project. A few of the incidents that I wrote about in the screenplay are real. They are real not just to me though. This is a reality that everyone in some way or another has or will have to experience; like the sons and daughters that have to rearrange their lives to take care of a loved one with this disease. Trying to comprehend what the person with Alzheimer’s disease is feeling, is something I wouldn’t be able to fully understand.                                                       

 Written by: Executive Producer Kenny Simmons

Grandpa Emmitt’s story isn’t new; however, the way we decide to share it is. Being able to present this story to an estimated audience of 80,300 viewers allows us to spread the message using the gifts that I was given. 



We all in some way or another have to deal with Alzheimer’s disease, please listen to this heartfelt testimony by given by Peggy Oyama.


Static will be  Airing on KHON2, KHII and CW – Saturday, September 25th at 7pm.

Support Static during Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and make a tax deductible donation.





Photo provided by the Rod Serling Memorial Foundation shows Rod Serling. 




Static was inspired by a classic episode of the Twilight Zone that aired in the 60’s. Charles Beaumont wrote the script based off an unpublished book to present to Rod Sterling (creator of The Twilight Zone).

I am a huge fan of the show and I was ecstatic to receive a teleplay inspired by The Twilight Zone 60 years later. Award Winning author, Richard Rose, presented me with a new teleplay just like Charles did for Rod. As the Executive Producer I’m honored to be a part of history repeating itself.

We decided to resurrect an old Philco Radio, 60 years later, to tell a new story that lightly touches on the growing problem of Alzheimer’s disease. (Rod Sterling top left, Charles Beaumont Bottom Left, Kendrick Simmons Top right  & Richard Rose bottom right)













The plan to reach Static’s core audience is to premier Static on the FOX affiliated television networks KHON2, KHII and Hawaii’s CW. With your support together, we can reach an audience  estimated at 80,300 viewers in the age range of 35-65+. has a user account of over 1 million people and we plan to leverage the networks platform to reach that audience. Click the link below to view the networks demographics and marketing plan.

KHON2 Marketing plan


Other organizations that have shown support for this project, like the Alzheimer’s Association and the Hawai’i Cyber Lions Club, have massive followings and support groups that we plan to cater to as well.  With your support we can show support for Alzheimer’s victims and reach our targeted audience on a large scale




Static will be  airing on KHON2, KHII and CW – Saturday, September 25th at 7pm

Support Static during Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and make a tax deductible donation.


The Team

Kendrick Simmons – Executive Producer / Producer / Writer / CEO The Static Movie 

Before college, Kendrick trained and became a Producer with Olelo Media Center. He produced and directed 2 shows on major local television networks like KHON2 and CW and produced over 20 television episodes through Oleo’s Media Center.

After graduation K. Simmons Productions LLC was created. As the writer, director, and producer of The Tattoo Club: Kenji the Rising Son  (in distribution) the project has already been accepted into the Los Angeles Lift-off Global Network Film Festival.  “My real passion is watching the project come together. It’s hard work. It takes different sets of talented groups of creative people to visually tell an amazing story.”



Robert MacLean – Digital Artist / Video Editor / Animator / CEO Zombie Frog Productions

Robert has been an artist his whole life, from a young age in gifted classes. In college is where he found his love for film, effects and animation. Today with his Kimberly by his side, together they manage Zombie Frog Productions, a multi-media digital productions company based here in Hawaii.

Robert is hardworking, knowledgeable and efficient. He is a powerhouse full of knowledge and passion to contribute as a Digital Artist, Video Editor and Animator. From preproduction through post production, and through his passion for film production, he’s proven to be one of the most important individuals on our team. Robert will and has invested his time towards making productions better and has proven to be valuable beyond measure.


Richard Rose – Award Winning Author

Richard Rose hails from Kokomo, Indiana. Teen dances, basketball and too many greasy French fries gave way to a BA at Wabash College. After a tour of duty fighting the Cold War on the East/West German border, Richard began a long career as a First V.P. with a major investment firm in Chicago, where he did market reports on TV and radio. Richard’s wife and true love, Kay, supports his passion for writing, which includes short stories, novels and screenplays. She also keeps him healthy. No more greasy French fries.

Richard is accomplished, knowledgeable and dependable. He has helped bring novels to life through screenplays. He is one of the most important members of the team. He’s the “inciting incident” to the story within the creation of Static and has proven to be valuable beyond measure.



Budget for Static

Static has an estimated budget of $46,000, will create approximately  35-40 jobs and bring attention to several nonprofit organizations all while highlighting the serious topic of Alzheimer’s disease. Please click the link below to view the budget.

Click to view Static’s Budget

Static is fiscally sponsored by From The Heart Productions

making all donations tax deductible


Gift Packet for Donors

All Donors will receive:

  • A digital copy of the movie Static
  • A digital movie poster that has been autographed by the cast, executive producer, producer and director
  • A special thank you in the credits with your name and company

Executive Donor’s Gift Packet $30,000

• We will air 3 different commercials or PSA’s to help promote your business or non- profit organization. The commercials will need to be 15- 30 second long.
• Provide 4 minutes of commercial airtime in 15-30 second slots during the show.
Product placement during the film. Your company logo will be displayed in the background of a specific scene.
• Verbal thank you to the company during the Living808 interview
• Visual company name and logo recognition 75 times. A week prior to the airing of the show KHON2, KHII & Hawaii’s CW will promote the show to remind the audience to tune in at a specific time and date; the company logo will be revealed on screen and the company name will be announced.
Logo on the movie poster. We will add the company logo to the movie poster.
• Special thank you to the company with information to the website in the credits & Executive Producer Credits.

Static will be  Airing on KHON2, KHII and CW – Saturday, September 25th at 7pm.

Support Static during Alzheimer’s Awareness Month and make a tax deductible donation.