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Three siblings attempt to reconcile over their mother’s suicide, torn between mourning and greed. But when trust is already breached, inheritance brings out the worst in their family.

Proof of concept:


The proof of concept was directed and DP’d by Santiago Calogero It is a 2020 Official Selection at multiple festivals, including an Academy Award qualifier, to be announced soon.


Kate returns home to honor her mother. But between meeting with the rabbi, funeral preparations, and sitting shiva, there’s no time to process mom’s absence. In fact, Kate’s not sure if she’s crying because mom’s dead, or because she’s related to these freaks: an adulterous father and a histrionic sister, Trini. Mom did her best to outline everything specifically. Still, Trini’s hands are out for more, and the extended family wants in.

Kate finds an ally in her brother, Josh, who spearheads all arrangements. His allegiance comes into question when he drops a bombshell revelation: Mom’s divorce never processed, so dad is a co- trustee. Dad cheated on mom with Kate’s best friend. Now, Kate’s stuck navigating the financial trust with family, who lost her trust. What ensues is a battle over money and materialism. If reconciliation requires forgiveness, perhaps it’s best Kate start with the girl in the mirror.

Artistic Statement

I was in ninth grade when I lost a relative to suicide. This death left the whole family reeling. Years later, the reaction to my  grandfather’s death was somewhat different. Most grieved his loss, others had their hands out. In each case, the family dynamic shifted. These personal tragedies compelled me to write “Trust,” a character-driven narrative focused on posthumous familial fallout. 

“Trust” connects themes of greed, grief, mental health, and forgiveness. The protagonist, Kate, feels morally obligated to reestablish relationships with toxic family. As the narrative unfolds, she learns that forgiveness and reconciliation are not mutually exclusive. Certainly, audiences deserve a story that portrays this. 

Family-centric dramas have proven success in a multitude of formats, from television show “Succession” to film “Marriage Story.” In the young adult genre, the impact is even greater from the perspective of a young woman. Moreover, “Trust” has a female protagonist with agency over the narrative and goals beyond romance. The story is one that I’ve envisioned, developed, and produced extensively, and my proof  is one example.

Feature Crew

Director Almog Avidan Antonir is an Israeli-born, LA-based writer/director. He received a BFA in Film Production from Chapman University, where he created viral Youtube channel Almost Cool Films. Following the channel’s success, Almog directed original content for Toyota, Bud Light,  and Sony, to name a few. Almog’s films have screened at numerous Academy-accredited festivals including LA Shorts and Nashville Film Festival. His horror-comedy short, “Teddy Bears Are For Lovers” was featured on Short Of The Week and Blumhouse-backed Crypt TV. “Teddy Bears,” the feature film, is currently in pre-production with a growing team that includes Gremlins’ Joe Dante.


Writer Jennifer Levinson is a 2020 TRIBECA NOW Creator’s Market Participant. Her written and produced content has amassed over 300 million views across BuzzFeed Video, VRScout, and CryptTV. Jennifer’s writing portfolio includes branded work for Sony Pictures, Target, Rue21, and NatureMade, amongst others. As the first female staff-writer on the scripted show SOLVE, Jennifer wrote over ten viral episodes. In fact, her episode, “Poisoned Popstar,” obtained over nine-million views. Jennifer prides herself on spotlighting dynamic, female characters. In addition to her independent creative endeavors, Jennifer is the Social Media Lead at Epic Pictures Group.


Producer Max Landwirth is a philanthropist and visionary. Originally from Florida, Max moved across the country to study Film Production, Screen Acting, and Psychology at Chapman University. After graduating in 2014, Max moved to Los Angeles, where he now pursues his dream of helping others and changing the world through film. As an independent producer, Max has an extensive portfolio of commercial and narrative work.



Heston Horwin is Josh. He has a BFA in Screen Acting from Chapman University. While pursuing his degree, Heston began studying improv and sketch at the renowned Groundling School. After honing his craft for over seven years, Heston is now a member of the esteemed Sunday Company. As a proud member of the film group, Almost Cool, Heston co-created viral YouTube series’ “Long Story Short” and  “Wiener vs. Brain”. The group’s shorts have been featured on FunnyOrDie, 9gag, Bro Bible, Yahoo, Buzzfeed, and Reddit’s “Top All Time Videos” list. Most recently, Heston starred in Gunpowder & Sky’s “Rocky Steady Row” and Artsploitation Films’ “Dead Dicks.” Turn on your TV, you might just catch him in a commercial or two.


Kate Spare plays Trini. She has a BA in Theatre and Drama from UC Irvine. She is equally powerful onstage as she is onscreen, with extensive credits spanning across tv, film, commercial, and stage. Not one to sit around and wait for an opportunity, Kate recently produced a successful run of the play, Red Light Winter. As the originator of Trini, in the proof of concept, Kate has been enthusiastically involved in the development of the feature. Little secret? Kate is far nicer than the b*tches she tends to get cast as.


Jennifer Levinson plays Kate. She has a BA in Theatre from Chapman University and is a Second City Conservatory graduate. As a regular on Buzzfeed Video, Jennifer’s gained an international fanbase. Jennifer’s credits span across television, film, stage, and digital. As the writer of “Trust.” she’s thrilled to bring this personal story to life.

Commercial Viability

“Trust” is already off to an incredible start. Jennifer was selected as a participant in Tribeca Film Festival’s exclusive 2020 NOW program. This selection was largely due to her proof-of-concept and screenplay for “Trust,” which served as her primary project. Additionally, the screenplay became a second rounder in Screencraft’s Film Funding grant. 

We are confident in the commercial viability of this film. Firstly, “Trust” falls within a category that has proven commercial success: family-centric dramas. The story is universally relatable, and taps into the human experience. Secondly, our team has an extensive background in marketing. Writer Jennifer Levinson is the Social Media Lead at Epic Pictures. As such, she has a strong understanding of the complexities in marketing an independent feature. Thirdly, we have allotted a portion of our budget to securing named talent. We are currently in talks with such talent to fill specific roles. 


As we continue securing investors and competing for grants, we’re thrilled to partner with From The Heart Productions. This is your opportunity to make a tax deductible donation and help bring this film to life. Our budget will go towards location, cast, crew, equipment, permits, and most importantly, implementing Covid safety guidelines. We appreciate your support.

If you are interested in becoming an investor, please email Jennifer directly: (don’t forget that “E” in the middle). We are happy to provide you with our Investor Package, including the budget, screenplay, promotional one sheet, business plan, and ROI.