Tax Deductible Donations for Our Fiscally Sponsored Films

Voltage Hymns is a passion project by Sal Rodriguez & Zoé Schröter. It follows the story of a young man in danger of being murdered, who finds temporary refuge in a stranger who has exactly what he needs for protection: a loaded gun. Said stranger (Iris) is a bit on the edge because of a condition she suffers from which makes her hear what sounds like electrical current in the back of her head at all times.

Things go from tense to intense as we get deeper into these people’s lives and learn more about their psyche and moral standing. Electrical power has played an important role into shaping these character’s lives and interests, fears, and desires.

Starring Zoé Schröter, Claire Thiault and Sterling Spralls, original soundtrack by Sal Rodriguez (Rawzilk). Production is set to begin in September – October. We need $20,000 to paying the actors and crew as well as equipment rental,  properly catering our crew, and film location expenses. Any donations to this film of any amount will grant you a shoutout on the credits of this film! 

We’d be eternally grateful with anyone helping us achieve our budget goal and make this passion project possible, after sending a donation please feel free to notify us at or so we can immediately engage you in the filmmaking process with updates and rewards to show our gratitude for your contribution. 


Thank you for donating to Voltage Hymns – A gritty confrontational picture about social issues & vulnerability!