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We are passionate about normalizing the conversation about death, rousing curiosity, and getting people to ask good questions.

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The When You Die Project:
Hosting the conversation you’ve been avoiding.

From existential afterlife questions such as “What happens when you die?” to palliative care and the nuts-and-bolts of green burial, if it has to do with death, we’re talking about it. We believe death awareness brings a happier end to a fuller life.

It’s time to reclaim the dying process as a profound part of our lives.

While we celebrate birth, we have made a cultural habit of pushing death away. 80% of us say we want to die at home, and yet 60% of us die in a hospital. Of those, 40% die in Intensive Care. As long as we treat death as a disease to be cured the cost to us will be dear: lost time with loved ones, prolonged suffering at the hands of medical institutions designed to cure death (rather than support the journey), and enormous funds spent on end-of-life care.

In the When You Die Death Documentary, we find that birth and death are profound passages to be honoured and protected. Both are messy and painful—but in these moments, we find our humanity is more extraordinary than we could have ever imagined.


Stay tuned here as we share some of the stories that are informing the When You Die documentary:
  • Accounts from medical professionals who witness the phenomenal things that occur in the body and mind as we near death.
  • Reports from average individuals who have been to the edge and back.
  • Findings from scientists who are studying, documenting and probing into the great mystery of human consciousness.

Who are we? Does consciousness continue after death? The more I looked into dying, the more intriguing it became, and I realized we are just not talking about these things.
— Johanna J. Lunn

In the Realm of Death & Dreaming is the first film in the When You Die documentary series that takes us through the dying process. Director and project founder, Johanna J. Lunn, sets out on a quest to understand death and our many relationships to it. (For more information on her motivation for the series, see the interview here).

The first installment tackles the big question: Does consciousness continue after death? Publicly, this is one of the least seriously talked about aspects of dying. Lunn explores stories about our human consciousness: What is it? Where is it? Some would call this, “Woo-woo,” but human consciousness is more fluid than we commonly accept.

In the Realm of Death & Dreaming shares remarkable stories from professionals who have spent a lifetime caring for people who are dying. Insights from scientific exploration into consciousness, deathbed dreams, near-death experiences, psilocybin research and caring for people at the bedside show us that death is not a simple off-switch, but comes with a whole set of phenomena that makes it a remarkable time.

In the Realm of Death & Dreaming will be released this fall. To get updates, sign up here.

“We have so much fear about dying and I wanted to explore these issues so we could more broadly understand the dying process, giving us ways to orient and prepare ourselves for the moment we must all eventually face.I want our audience to walk away with a sense of curiosity and awe about death and the powerful part it plays in our lives.”

—Johanna J. Lunn, Director


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