Tax Deductible Donations for Our Fiscally Sponsored Films

For a musician to survive these days it is hard enough, but when you have a child with special needs, it makes it that much more difficult.

Our friend Drew and his fiancé Carrie have an adorable infant son named Luke who was born in a very fragile condition, with Osteogenesis Imperfecta, commonly known as “Brittle Bone Disease.”   

 Drew & Carrie are also in the middle of adopting a 2-year-old boy they have been fostering who was born to a narcotic addicted mother. Both boys are about four months apart in age, so they really have their hands full.  When you watch the video and see Drew singing to Luke and see them playing together, you can see by Luke’s eyes how engaged and brilliant he is in the way he engages with his toys and reacts with full and lively attention to his father’s every word.

 This is a family that gives generously of their time and resources to make the world just a little better for those who really need it. Drew helps build morale by performing regularly at assisted living homes and VA hospitals, and he’s taken his Johnny Cash tribute band The Walking Phoenixes to play as part of rehabilitation programs for prisoners.  He is a rousing performer and has been entertaining crowds in San Fernando Valley & Ventura County area for over 25 years, bringing joy to many people.  And together with Carrie, they are bringing joy and hope into the lives of these children.

 This is a family that can give both of these precious children a real chance in life, and now all they need is our help to stretch the fabric of their own resources enough to cover upcoming and urgent medical costs for Luke.

 Please help us help them by donating whatever you can.  Your contributions will be tax deductible through a 501 c3 we have set up, though as always please consult with your accountant for specifics. 

 Whatever you can contribute will make a difference.  Thank you so much for helping shine the light on Luke’s bright future. 

 Together, Let’s Love Luke.

 Gary Ballen & Marilou Valdes