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When successful real estate agent, Jenna Anderson, can no longer deal with the crushing guilt of her daughter’s death, she voluntarily walks out of society to live rough on the streets of Las Vegas.

Written and to be directed by four time Emmy winner, Deborah Richards, Move Me No Mountain is a dramatic thriller feature film that deals with the realities of homelessness in modern day America.



Produced by Emmy-nominated, Producer, Patrick Wirtz, Move Me No Mountain is the story of Jenna Anderson, a successful Las Vegas real estate agent who is haunted by the loss of her daughter, Gigi, in a fatal car accident. Jenna’s sense of guilt for causing the accident overwhelms her as she loses her sense of purpose in life. Mentally spiraling after the death of her daughter, the pain she carries incites her to walk away from society.

Homeless, alone, and numbed by her trauma—Jenna enters the life of a homeless person in a city defined by its glamor and hedonism. We follow her journey over the course of a couple of years as she tries to punish herself for the mistakes of her past, adapting to the transient nature of street life and its shameful, pushed-to-the-margins neglect from the rest of society.

Despite the violence of the streets and the desperate need for personal survival, her sense of responsibility outweighs her burden of guilt when she unexpectedly becomes a mother figure for an exploited homeless child named Lizbeth. This catalyst drives Jenna to initiate the first steps of a return to society. The story ends with Jenna and Lizbeth together in a shelter for families. Jenna may still not be able to let go of the past, but together with Lizbeth she can write a new future.

Jenna’s fall from grace is a tale that could happen to anyone. By making this movie we hope to shine a light on a subject that is all too often swept under the rug of society. Move Me No Mountain portrays themes of guilt, alienation and rootlessness in modern American society, but ultimately it is a story of hope and second chances.


We are donating 10% of our profit to four local charities whose mission is to provide affordable housing solutions to homeless families and individuals most at risk in Las Vegas.

The homeless crisis is an affordable housing crisis. There are currently 30,000 homeless people in Las Vegas with approximately 10% of them living underground in the storm drains beneath the city. With our film we hope to raise awareness, entertain, and educate people about the realities of being homeless in modern urban America.

In an effort to deal with the subject matter with dignity and authenticity, Las Vegas writer & director, Deborah Richards, researched the topic with the help of local Vegas organizations and outreach programs while writing the screenplay.

*we are not legally affiliated with these charities. We are purely choosing to donate to them.

DEBORAH RICHARDS – Writer & Director

Deborah Richards is a four time South West regional student Emmy award winner for her short, Boy Meets Girl (for best short, director, screenwriter, editor)—2016. She is a screenwriter, director, editor, cinematographer, and VFX artist.Her work over the decades spans from the dawn of the digital audio revolution as a musician—studio engineer in her teens—to consulting, directing, and creating for some of the largest brands in the world today. From TruFusion and the EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival), to Walmart and The History Channel.

While in film school, she opened her own boutique, production studio, and soundstage: 1905 Film Studios. Playing host to many productions, including music videos by Rick Ross and Snoop Dogg—as well as her passion projects. Her short film, Dark Lights is currently enjoying a successful international film festival run. Produced by long time collaborator, Patrick Wirtz it has already received several awards after only being released in January earlier this year. Originally from England, she is a former 5-time world bartending champion, longtime Las Vegas resident, dog owner, and passionate advocate for the arts.



Patrick Wirtz, has worked on multiple Las Vegas TV and film productions. He has produced Deborah Richards’ last two award-winning shorts, Send Hollywood My Love and Dark Lights. He has won four Pacific Southwest Emmys. His short film, The Assignment won best film at the LA Neo-Noire Film Festival and was nominated for Best Director Non-Live Action Emmy for the feature documentary, No Greater Odds, screened at the Library of Congress for legislators to support public higher education funding.

Patrick’s filmmaking ethos is dedicated to inclusivity both in front and behind the camera. As a line producer on the project, SHARP, Patrick was in charge of ensuring gender parity and minority representation in the crew. Patrick is excited to continue this commitment to diversity by ensuring the crew of Move Me No Mountain reflects our society.


KIMBERLY SKYRME CSA – Casting Director

Casting director, Kimberly Skyrme (best known for House of Cards, True Lies and Deep Impact) is leveraging her professional relationships to attach two A-list actors in one day supporting roles.

Her affiliation with organizations that promote the advancement of Women and Minorities is the corner stone of her Casting Philosophy. She is a member of CSA (Casting Society of America) She is also a member of several National Women in Film Chapters (New York, Washington DC, Arkansas and Tennessee) as well as Women in Film and Television International.



Jon Russell Cring – Assistant Director

Jon Russell Cring grew up on stage, as an Actor and Musician, so it was no surprise when in 1998 he began working in the growing independent film industry of Nashville, Tennessee. He created an ambitious plan to make twelve feature films in twelve months, the ExtraOrdinary Film Project. After making six films in six months, he decided to slow down and travel the country making the remaining six films which took fourteen months.

Additionally Jon has Produced and Directed hundreds of projects since he moved to New York State in 2010. In the past ten years he’s made seven award winning feature films, five documentaries, written dozens of scripts, judged film festivals, written industry articles for magazines, and travelled all over the world promoting his films.


Sir Marco Robinson – Executive Producer

Sir Marco Robinson is the creator, producer and star of the top #4 Netflix Movie “Legacy of Lies”. He is also the creator of the Prime time TV show “Get a House for Free” on Channel 4 in the UK, super successful show where Marco gave 3 houses away on TV to address the diabolical social. housing issue in the UK and the world.

Marco Robinson was given the honorary title of Dato’ Seri (knighthood) for his work with charity particularly in helping the blind, 350,000 in all, in Malaysia be allowed guide dogs into public places. This initiative started with the successful short documentary “Are You Blind” attracting over 15 million viewers on Facebook and Youtube.


Sallie Johnson – Associate Producer

Sallie Johnson, has years of production office experience working in feature film and television shows including The NBC Universal feature, Half Brothers and The Au Pair Nightmare.

In a recent position she helped build and coordinate a new department for overseeing COVID protocols for the Warner Media series, Roswell New Mexico.



Cathrine Lellie – Actress

Cat Lellie is an award-winning actress from the Southeast who’s appeared in over a dozen commercials, multiple short films, and features. In 2020, Cat made her SUNDANCE debut as Jody Hampton in the feature-length adaptation of Carter Sickles’ novel The Evening Hour (dir. Braden King), sharing the screen with the film’s lead, Philip Ettinger (HBO’s I Know This Much is True).

The following year, Cat had the privilege of working with acclaimed director Barry Levinson (dir. Rainman and Good Morning, Vietnam) on the HULU mini-series Dopesick, starring Michael Keaton. Cat is a graduate of UNC School of the Arts.

Nic Roylance – Actor

Nic Roylance is a disabled US Army veteran. He received significant recognition within his time in the military, from an army achievement award to an attached v device for valor. He worked training operations with special operations both international and national, as well as worked with additional heroes/leaders out of Fort Riley KS.

Nic received his BFA in acting 2018 and is known for playing aggressively charming, dramatic, and passionately intimate characters.Nic has a massive social media following (ridiculous films) where fans keep updated on all his activities involving film as well as modeling work.


Two Named Actors In One Day Supporting Roles.

We are committed to casting two ‘named’ actors in one day supporting roles as part of out overall marketing strategy to raise our pedigree and increase our global appeal.

Our casting director, Kimberly Skyrme (best known for House of Cards, True Lies and Deep Impact) is leveraging her professional relationships with A-list talent and we are currently in various stages of talks with these stars. As soon as we lock in these actors you will be the first to know!




Our local social media vendors are running a campaign from pre-production through to delivery of our finished film. Their goal is to generate buzz on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin, targeting our primary audience of educated adults particularly liberal women.

Upon completion of the film our US distribution marketing team will be creating the marketing plan in order to launch distribution.