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How many of us long for a better world — more just, more loving, more peaceful?  Abby Wize, 13-year-old horse-loving American girl, does too… only, she can zip to the far future, see a world at peace, learn how it was built, and bring back some answers.

Fund a short animated cartoon trailer to be used to spark interest in a pilot episode and then a full series!


Short animated cartoon episodes drawn from the novel, “Abby Wize: AWAY” by Lisa Bradley Godward.  Novel suitable for ages 13 through adult; animated cartoons should be suitable for ages 10 through adult (but made knowing that children much younger than the recommended age wind up watching).

Lisa has written a the screenplay for a 3-minute trailer and for a number of cartoon episodes using the same characters, settings and types of problems in the novel.  She plans to oversee the animation of that trailer, directing the drawings and choosing the character voices.

How often do we get to see even a glimpse of a world at peace?  Even in this short trailer, we’ll see a bit of that world… where there’s high tech, but in service to unity.  There’s fun and laughter along with the study and work.  There’s a focus on sustainable living and good health.  Animals are companions and work is worship.

Animation is more labor-intensive than live-action filming, but in over five years of trying to make an Abby Wize live-action film, Lisa has come to the conclusion that the easiest, fastest way to show that ideal world of the future — its high-tech infused sustainable houses, cars, computers, clothes and more — is to draw them first.

The fundraising goal for the trailer is $15,000, which will pay the animator for several months of work, the voiceover talent for the five characters scripted, the directing and editing, and music and soundscape.

“Abby Wize” is Lisa’s purpose in life.  Won’t you help her bring this to the screen?   Can’t you donate to make this happen?

Donate here for a potential tax-deductible donation thru your credit card.  Want to donate thru PayPal?  See the Abby Wize website for that option. Or contact Lisa through her  website or Facebook.

Facebook: “Abby Wize,” personal page
Abby Wize Media” for the fan page.

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