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Your tax deductible donation can help us bring awareness to domestic violence.

My name is Quantieshia Brown, and I am an upcoming Screenplay writer, Film Director, and editor. I am currently pursing my bachelor’s degree in Film, Television, and digital Production at Miami Dade College. I am one of those people who is passionate about what she does and will do all right things to pursue my passion. I currently own a production company, DRIP Productions where my team and I work together to bring meaningful stories to life.

My team and I are doing this campaign to raise money for a short film titled Escape: The Unknown, which is about a domestic violence victim who has regained control of her life after three years of being abused is forced down memory lane when she realizes that she is being followed by an unknown person which happens to be her ex-boyfriend.  

This project is important to me because, I have been stalked by someone before which led to the young lady threatening my life, stalking my social media, my whereabouts, and making my life miserable, When I went to report it to the police, the woman officer laughed in my face. It was that moment when I begin to think about how people feel when they report their domestic violence situation or stalking situation and is laughed at or does not have the support to continue to fight for justice they deserve.  

Contributing to this project will help my team and I achieve the goal of bringing this script to life so that way we can submit it into film festivals in hopes to get the actual feature length film produced. It will also help us to start the conversation about the seriousness of stalking and how that can turn into a domestic violence situation.


What We Need & What You Would Receive

In order to go start production for this short film, my team and I need to raise $30,000 which will go towards:

  • The location fees
  • cast and crew
  • equipment
  • permits
  • insurance
  • props
  • Marketing and Promotional Material
  • and anything else that will help make this production successful.

Contributing to this campaign, you will receive anything from a customized company shirt, have a chance to come on set and watch my team and I bring this story to life, be the first to watch the film once it is completed, a chance to ask me or my team any questions that you want about the film and where this story came from, and how I decided to write this.  If we raise over $30,000, we will donate a percentage of the remaining funds to an organization that advocates for Domestic violence victims.  However, if we are not able to reach our goal, the money will be saved up and we will start another campaign for this same project to raise the rest of the funds that is needed.

The Impact

Any film that my team and I create, we always leave an impact. Our first film which is titled Escape: Daddy’s Little Girl is about a teenager who was molested by her father when she was younger and when he returned to attempt the same thing, she had the strength to fight back. When we released this film, we remembered so many men and women reaching out to us telling us how they experienced something like this and how our film made them be able to talk about it.  (you can watch this film here: )

Our other film Escape: Heart Condition is about a young man who felt neglected by his mother after his father died and how she paid more attention to her new boyfriend needs and wants while neglecting her child. This eventually led the son to shooting the new boyfriend and committing suicide because he was not heard, and he felt alone. This film itself has won over 3 awards and has been selected to be featured in numerous of other festivals. We even had people reach out to us and explain how they went through something similar with their parents and was on the verge of killing themselves and this film help them have a clearer mindset.  (you can watch this film here: )

With the impact these two films had, I am very confident that this film will have just as much impact.  This screenplay along has been entered into festivals and won 5 awards, two semi-finalist nominations and selected to be featured in four other festivals. 


Risks & Challenges

Some risk that may come in this project is the timeline of the rewards and project. We plan to film this project in July 2021 and want to have it completed by September 2021. However, I know some challenges we may face while getting this project completed is going pass our deadline of completion because we are full time students and work full time. My team and I also run business trying to get it off the ground, so it is a lot of work on us. However, we are not quitters. Doing this project will teach my team and I how to manage our time better and ask for help when we need it. As far as the awards, we will be sure to stay in communication with our donors and keep them updated with the progress of this film.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you cannot contribute that is totally fine, however, what you can do to help is share this link with your friends and family and help spread the word.  

Thank you for donating to Escape: The Unknown!