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Happiest Days of Our Lives

The Story

Happiest Days of Our Lives is a short film that explores mental health and the fragility of human life. It addresses grief and how trauma left unaddressed can bring us and those around us down. It follows Cameron, an 18-year-old boy who is left numb after the loss of his mother. He is plagued by guilt and confusion but is resistant to facing his pain, resulting in further tragedy.

The Impact 

The film centers around mental illness and the different ways in which it presents itself. It examines the human condition, how we cope with tragedy, and our capacity to love and hurt. Guilt, addiction, the fear of being alone, self-sabotage, overstimulation, loneliness, and suicide are a few manifestations of depression that the film explores. Left untreated, mental illness can be fatal to an individual and those around them. We believe this film, while tragic, leaves viewers with the hope that there is always a way out of the dark, even when the walls are seemingly caving in.  With this film, we wish to further the conversation about the importance of access to mental health resources.

The Highlights

This is a SAG project which means we have access to union actors. We have the privilege to work with Casting Director Skyler Zurn who has worked on big projects such as Euphoria and A Teacher. 

The Team

We are a group of young filmmakers with a passion for telling emotionally driven and visually compelling stories. We hope that through art, we can tell stories that push difficult conversations forwards.

Jack Hahn: Writer, Director, and Editor

Jack began his career as a Production Assistant on Hawaii Five-O and CNN’s The History of the Sitcom. He is passionate about creating thrilling films that speak directly to the audience and examine the human condition. His most recent film, Synthetic Beaches, won Best Original Story at the Independent Shorts Awards in March 2021.  He continues his pursuit of heart-provoking stories with Happiest Days of Our Lives – a plunge into the inevitable experiences of life and survival post-tragedy.

Take a look at Jacks’s most recent short film!…

* James Thompson who has worked on Persist (Camera Operator) and What Would Thomas Jefferson Do? (Editor) will be assistant directing. 

Luke Sargent: Cinematographer 

Luke is a cinematographer born and raised around LA. While attending USC Film School, he shot Sweet Potatoes, which went on to win the 2020 Student Academy Award. After that, Luke went to Atlanta to shoot his first feature, They Walk into a Bar. In between narrative projects, Luke enjoys shooting music videos, commercials, documentaries, and experimental pieces. He has collaborated with artists such as Umi, Cupcake, and My Morning Jacket, as well as many more. Luke has always wanted to film stuff. Now he does.

Check out Luke’s previous work on his website!

Olivia Gill: Producer

Olivia is a Los Angeles based actor, producer, writer, and director. She holds a BFA Acting degree from the University of Southern California’s School of Dramatic Arts. Acting credits include Yinz (Amazon Prime), Outsiders (WGN America), and Ava (Cannes Film Festival). Olivia co-directed/produced the short film Lilah’s Flowers in 2018, which was an official selection at festivals such as NFFTY, LA Shorts Awards, IndieFest Film Awards, and the Sundial Film Festival. Olivia is currently in post-production as a producer for two shorts: Goggles and Seasons of Expectations. Her recent producing credit, Closets Keep Suburban Boys Home, is currently making its rounds in the festival circuit, screening at the Florence Film Awards, Charlotte Film Festival, Austin Arthouse Film Festival and more.

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Brittany Dassa: Producer

Brittany is a Los Angeles based actress and producer originally from New York. She is making her debut as a producer on Happiest Days of Our Lives. As a recent graduate from the University of Southern California’s School of Dramatic Arts, she has experience in both the creative and business side of the film industry. She has worked on several short films while at school and has professional experience in talent management and casting.

The Budget 

Help bring our film to life by donating here! We hope to raise $25,000 to pay cast and crew for six days of shooting, rehearsals, Covid-19 regulations/testing, and post-production. We are a fiscally sponsored project by From the Heart Productions that allows individual contributions to be tax-deductible.  Check out the budget breakdown below for more details.

Budget Breakdown

(A detailed line budget is available upon request)

Other Ways To Contribute

Spread the word! Word of mouth is powerful, and we can use as much help and exposure as possible. If you would like to donate your time or expertise and are interested in getting involved in the project, please reach out to us at . All questions can be directed here as well. 

We truly are beyond grateful for your support!

– The Happiest Days of Our Lives Team