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Ā  Filmmakers: Two-Time Emmy Winner Renee Sotile & Mary jo Godges šŸŽ¬Ā 

The inspiration for I Remember Nicole comes from Renee’s memories working in national news, covering the OJ Simpson Trial of the Century.Ā Ā Ā 

šŸ’œ She will see herself in the faces of hundreds of women who are standing strong. She will hear her life in the lyrics. We hope I Remember Nicole empowers her to find HER voice. šŸ”Š

Ā 100% of your donation goes towards production of a new PSA and incorporating I Remember Nicole in intimate partner violence advocacy.

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American Idol singer Hollie Cavanagh and Melodye Perry (daughter of music legend Edna Wright and niece of Darlene Love, for music aficionados) bring a resonating voice to the voiceless.Ā 





LGBTQ members fall victim to domestic violence at equal or even higher rates compared to their heterosexual counterparts.ā€– NCADV


I Remember NicoleĀ is a metaphor for the highly publicizedĀ domestic violence story of Nicole Brown Simpson.

In 1995, OJ Simpson was acquitted of murder charges for the deaths, of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ron Goldman.

Working as a video-journalist, Renee covered the “Trial of the Century” and never forgot the impact Nicole Brown Simpson’s death made on her. Imprinted in her mind are the shocked and heartbreaking expressions on the faces of Nicole’s family. She and Mj want the world to remember Nicole and all women who suffered and continue to suffer from abuse.Ā 

Los Angeles Courthouse: Robert Shapiro/Renee with Camera

Renee Sotile & Mary jo Godges on SpectrumĀ 


Recording I Remember Nicole: Melodye & Hollie

Melodye performs I Remember Nicole at #MeToo Hollywood

I Remember Nicole is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking!Ā It brought tears to my eyes, my sister Denise, our Mother, and I know to Nicole in Heaven.”Ā  Huge Hugs — Tanya Brown (Nicole’s sister)Ā 

(Tanya Brown during the making ofĀ I Remember Nicole)

Producer:Ā Margarita Sweet speaking when I Remember Nicole was presented with a Proclamation.

Margarita, Tanya, Mj, Renee

The team behindĀ I Remember Nicole, is a small group of dedicated women who volunteer their time, effort and expertise. Join Us!

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Extended Bio:

Renee & Mary jo are featured in the books:

The Complete Filmmakers Guide to Film Festivals

Wheels Stop: The End of the Space Shuttle Era, 1986-2011

Their first feature documentary,Ā Christa McAuliffe: Reach for the StarsĀ was broadcast on CNN over 20 timesĀ and continues to be used as a learning tool in schools across the country and locally at the California Science Center.Ā 

Ā  Ā  Ā 

I Remember NicoleĀ is PROUD to partner with California Families in Focus and founder Angel Macias. An inclusive organizationĀ providing resources, events, and social service programs for domestic violence survivors and their children, living in shelters.


Music Video Funded in part by a grant from:Ā The City of West Hollywood

Community Grant:Ā LA Pride

Community Partner: California Families in Focus

Fiscal Sponsor:Ā From The Heart Productions


Daily Scoop / Annie Lane Essentials

Hollywood Chapter of the National Organization for Women

City of West Hollywood’s Women’s Advisory Board

Women Occupy Hollywood



Song Recording:

Performers: Hollie Cavanagh and Melodye Perry

Songwriters: Renee Sotile & Mary jo Godges,Ā Pat & Pete Luboff

Song Producer: 6-Time Emmy Winner Peter Fish

Music Video:

Directors: Renee Sotile & Mary jo Godges

Producer: Margarita Sweet

Sign Language Interpreter Performer: Jody Stevenson

Lyric Signs by: The Port of Los Angeles Boys and Girls Club Art Students

Teacher: Beth Elliott

Camera: Sheila Higgins / Mary jo Godges / Renee Sotile

Editor: Renee Sotile

Color Correction: Sam Dlugach

Title: Alvin Bowens

Logo Design & Technical Manager:Ā Danielle Elliott

Thank You: Denise & Tanya Brown

Communications Expert: Rebecca Johnson Leclair

Ā From the Heart Productions, Inc.Ā is honored to provide fiscal sponsorship for I REMEMBER NICOLE. We carefully select the projects we sponsor and believe that this project will make a positive contribution to society.

Our IRS number is 95 444 5418 and, as a donor, you may use this number on your taxes with the donated amount for a tax deduction.

From the Heart Productions will administer any funds received in support of this project. As fiscal sponsor for this project, we will be closely monitoring its progress. We will contribute advice and feedback where needed on fundraising, distribution, and outreach strategies.

Please make check donations payable to From the Heart Productions, and indicate I REMEMBER NICOLE on the memo line. Mail your check to:

From The Heart Productions
1455 Mandalay Beach Road
Oxnard, California 93035-2845

If you have any other questions, please contact us atĀ .

We are proud to endorse this project and encourage you to support it.

Best Regards,

Carole Dean
From the Heart Productions, Inc.

1455 Mandalay Beach Road
Oxnard, California 93035-2845

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