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My Brother Heinz

a short animated documentary by Meghan Horvath


Eva and Heinz, Austrian siblings, lose their happy childhood to the nightmare of Nazism. 75 years later, Eva recalls and accepts the loss of what was through the prism of her brother’s artistic legacy. 

Eva and Heinz – Concept Frame by Dominica Harrison

Director’s Statement

Eva Geiringer Schloss has written about her family’s experiences during the Second World War – from how they fled Austria after the Anschluss, to their time spent in Amsterdam before hiding, through to their arrest and deportation to Auschwitz in May 1944. 

Eva and Heinz

My Brother Heinz tells aspects of Eva’s incredible and powerful journey through the lens of her relationship with her older brother, who along with their father, did not survive.

Eva has said that despite her outwardly appearance of a woman in her 90s, at heart she is still the 15 year old girl who misses her brother and father every day.

I use animation to bring to life Heinz’s recovered artwork that he created whilst in hiding; the survival of these paintings helps Eva make sense of Heinz’s murder as his legacy is alive and continues through time and space. Heinz’s voice has not been silenced.

The film explores how siblings impact our psyches, and how art reflects and inspires our interior worlds. 

Heinz at his desk – Painting by Heinz Geiringer

There is more to tell about this period if we create new ways of seeing. Following Eva’s relationship with Heinz and exploring her subjective experience of the camp, we will steer away from familiar iconography of the Holocaust, enabling the film to break new visual ground. I want to encourage the audience of My Brother Heinz to re-think what they thought they knew. 

Sail Boat – Painting by Heinz Geiringer

This film is a 2D animated documentary using mixed techniques. The handmade animation within it not only adds warmth and intimacy, but it is in keeping with the spirit of Heinz’s paintings, which were often created with found materials such as dish clothes and pillow cases.


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Eva Schloss Geiringer



The team

Meghan Horvath – Director

Meghan is an American director/producer/writer based in London. She began her career in New York City as an Associate Producer for Ken Burns’s television documentary series The War. Since moving to the UK she has directed 7 short documentaries, including the web documentary The Good Life shot in Namibia and Bulgaria. She was shortlisted for the Bumble Female Film Fund and was a member of BAFTA Crew in 2018. She participated in the Edinburgh Pitch (June 2016), the Filmonomics Programme by Bird’s Eye View, Docunexion development programme (Sheffield DocFest & DOCSMX), the Women in Film & Television Mentoring Scheme (UK), Binger Film Lab (Amsterdam), and the European Social Documentary workshop. She is a member of Women in Film and Television (UK), Cinesisters and Film Fatales. She studied at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, the Gallatin School of Individualized Study at New York University and the London School of Economics.
For more information about her work, visit:


Dominica Harrison – Animation Director

Dominica is an award-winning artist from Moscow currently based in the U.K. She specialises in animation direction and illustration, with a particular focus on printmaking. Her short film Illusions was made entirely using a screenprint technique and had worldwide success at festivals and art exhibitions. She has worked as a painter and animator on the feature animation Loving Vincent. Her latest short film Chado, made with the support from BFI Network, has just been long listed for the BAFTA 2021 Short Animation Award. Dominica is the creator of all the visual content in My Brother Heinz.