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Billionaire John Van de Berg’s funeral is the Miami society event of the year. Champagne is poured, guests network, influencers make videos for their Instagram accounts – #VandeBergFuneral!

This dark comedy, starring Emily Leguizamo, follows 4 key funeral guests as we unravel the mystery of John Van de Berg’s death. 

The tone of “One Percent” is “Knives Out” meets “Parasite”. 

The film takes place in Miami and the city itself will be a sort of character in this film, in the vein of the films “Manhattan” for New York City and “Lost in Translation” for Tokyo.

“One Percent” is the single most narrative film about the shocking (and very real) Kids-for-Cash scandal in the U.S. – the human trafficking of juveniles by judges bribed by privately-owned for-profit prisons.

We believe that our film will make a contribution to society, as it is a strong commentary on the injustice of income inequality and of the mass incarceration system which specifically preys on marginalized communities. Additionally, the film explores the concept of female empowerment and women helping one another to step into their own power. “One Percent” follows the point of view of four main characters. Each character is from a very different background and community and yet we see that ultimately, they are all connected.

We are at a moment in time where our society, and particularly our country, are craving change on so many levels. Our story is written in a humorous manner, as it is a fun way to engage audiences and encourage dialogue.