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ORPHANHOOD is a short film written and to be directed by NY-based, Armenian Director, Ovsanna Gevorgyan . 

To be produced by Marissa Velez  and Olivia Kavanaugh

Inspired by the NYT article titledAlone on a Mountaintop, Awaiting a Very Hard Rain , Ovsanna and her producers were moved by this cinematic story of a remote, all-but-abandoned,  cosmic research station operated to this day by a few loyal remaining inhabitants. Ovsanna wrote our short inspired by the piece, titled “Orphanhood.

The long-term plan for this short project is to showcase at festivals in order to garner the necessary awareness and support to finance Ovsanna’s first feature film, which she has already written. Ovsanna’s feature also centers around themes of dream-realism and we feel it promises to be a visionary piece of cinema. The short film will be in the Armenian language, shot in Armenia, and with a majority Armenian crew.

About the Director:

  An extraordinarily bright and talented young director, Ovsanna’s sensitivities to film and her references all have a timeless, visual language and she has a profound surrealist sensibility. A graduate of the Columbia Masters Film Program, Ovsanna is a true intellectual; a renaissance woman.

Ovsanna’s short film created in Armenia,Tale Of The Anguished Gardener , premiered at Raindance FF and was an official selection at the Golden Apricot International Film Festival in Yerevan. We believe that Ovsanna is a born artist and a young visionary in cinema and the art world. We feel her vision provides a wonderful opportunity to bring women and the powerful, resilient people of Armenia to the forefront in cinema and film festivals.



A phone call wakes Physicist Alikhanyan from a strange dream: twin boys looking for their mother in the barren badlands of Armenia.

Alikhanyan answers to terrible news; the funding for his research and lives work is being pulled. In an act of desperation, the Physicist sends a human-made cosmic ray into the universe, in hopes of inspiring a break-though. The ray accidentally disturbs a black hole, and soon-after, the twin boys from his dream suddenly appear in Alikhanyan’s waking life. As the worlds of dreams and reality quickly intermesh, the people of Alikhanyan’s small scientific village begin frantically joining in the search for “the mother.” The physicist soon realizes that “the mother” could, in actuality, be a reclusive scientist; a woman living high in the mountains, who may hold the secret algorithm to reverse the damage he’s done.

We greatly appreciate your consideration and deeply hope you will feel as moved to support Ovsanna’s vision as we are. 

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions, we will be more than happy to connect and share or discuss anything we can to earn your support.

Please see linked HERE   our look-book with detailed information about the film.