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Thanks to our partnership with From The Heart Productions, Room Service has a 501(c)(3) status, which means every donation made toward bringing the film to life is tax-deductible.

A psycho-thriller exploring the consequences and trauma of manipulative parents on their children.

  • Project Type: Narrative Short Film
  • Genre: Psychological Thriller
  • Project Status: Pre-production
  • Writer/Director: Nieves Garcia Perchin
  • Cinematographer: Chase Shamlian
  • Email:

Victoria gets surprised by her fiance Oliver with a romantic engagement celebration in a luxurious hotel, the Auspice. Oliver confesses that her parents helped him pay for the room.

While taking a bath, Victoria, who is finally off her meds from depression, has a vision of herself dead in that same bathtub. Still in the bathroom, she hears a knock on the hotel room door. With Oliver nowhere to be found, she goes to open the door. A bellhop forces her to a new room because of a gas leak in hers.

When entering the new room, she has another vision of Oliver, dying with a wound in his head. She runs to the hallway where she finds Oliver alive and well. To top off her anxiety, the same bellhop appears unprompted with Oliver’s favorite meal on a silver platter. Oliver is about to eat it but leaves to take a business call, leaving hungry Victoria to take a few bites.

Shortly after eating, Victoria experiences hallucinations of her parents verbally bullying her and bringing up her past traumas. A shadowy figure tries to attack her. After some struggle, she grabs a sharp object and hits it. It lets go of her. This takes her back to reality, and she realizes that the shadowy figure was Oliver the whole time. And she just killed him.

After realizing what she has done, she goes back to the tub, and just like her previous vision, she commits suicide. The bellhop walks into the room and calls Victoria’s parents to inform them that Oliver is dead as they had requested, but that something didn’t go as planned.

Who we are

Nieves is an award-winning Spanish writer/director whose main focus is to tell stories involving emotional trauma and mental illness. Her pursuit of evocative imagery is always aimed at recreating the state of mind of her characters in the most visual way.

Her last short films have screened and been selected in over 30 film festivals both national and international, including Woods Hole Film Festival and Texas Women Film Festival.

Chase Shamlian is passionate about using light to showcase emotion – a commitment that extends to his work as an editor and colorist.

With a BS in Film & Television from Boston University, Chase has worked as a cinematographer and gaffer on a variety of projects ranging from features and short films to fashion shoots and music videos.

Rachel is a NYC-based Production Designer/Art Director and writer. She believes that a character’s physical environment is a representation of that which is left unsaid.

The subtext of any story can be found in the textures, colors, patterns, and shadows in the space surrounding it. Her undergraduate studies in Theatre and Art History provide her with a solid foundation for her deeply character-driven production design work.

Alyssa is a writer-producer-actor originally from the Hudson Valley. She’s worked in film/theater over the past 10 years. She currently has short films she produced that are the official selection of the Richmond International Film Festival, Garden State Film Festival, New York City International Film Festival, etc… She is in post-production on ALPHA/ BETA created by Misha Calvert (All Hail Beth), co-directed by Misha Calvert & Leven Rambin (The Hunger Games, True Detective, Mank) where she is a Co-Executive Producer/ producer.

JT is a husband, father, and filmmaker from Queens, NY. His work focuses on Gender Equality and telling stories that have been forgotten or altered by historians.

JT will be leading the fundraising drive as well as managing logistics for the production.

Jean is an Actress, Writer and Producer. She studied at the renowned Stella Adler Studio of Acting in NYC. In addition to her passion for the arts, she is the co-founder of the Immanuel Kant Institute, where she works closely with refugees from the middle eastern war zones. 

These first-hand experiences gave her a deep insight into the extremes of the human condition. As a result, Jean possesses a fire within her to shed light on the ones “without a voice”.


Fundraising Goal – $20,000


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Where the funds will go

Equipment Rental

To guarantee the highest quality of image and sound to best portray the plot and themes of the story.

Cast and Crew

Providing wages to our actors and technical team, compensating their time and talent.

Post Production

Making sure that editing, color correction, sound mixing, and music have the resources to provide the best possible finishing touches to the film.

Other Costs

Let’s not forget feeding our team, COVID safety measures, insurance,…etc.

Other ways you can help

Thanks to our partnership with From the Heart Productions, we’re also accepting in-kind donations of goods and food. Reach out to for more information on how to help.