Tax Deductible Donations for Our Fiscally Sponsored Films

The Curious Incident of Everett Wilder is a short film about a boy in 1952 who discovers a jackalope at his birthday party. Everett becomes obsessed with catching the horned rabbit. The story is about the power of friendship, and the importance of imagination in all of our lives. This is a short that anyone of any age can pick up and enjoy. Hopefully it will feel like being a kid again, and the possibility of discovering new worlds is not so impossible.

We have completed every aspect of production apart from the remaining animated shots involving the jackalope, and putting the music, illustrated credits, sound mix, and color grade together. This has been a three year odyssey, and we are so close to letting this story out into the world. We just need to pay the hard working animator.

This story means so much to our entire team, not just because we’ve been living with it for three years inches from the finish line, but because every aspect has been crafted by a different artist with loving care. We want to share our vision and our work with the world. Thank you so much for taking the time to engage with our project, and join us on this journey.

Our Jackalope model crafted in Spain and the UK by two talented visual effects artists. Meet Coriakin the jackalope