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 Water– The Short Film


Water is a short filmed based on a real encounter I had with a probable homeless man when I lived in Los Angeles. I witnessed him accessing a water line illegally to fill up a number of plastic water bottles he was carrying in his tattered vehicle. His car was filled with clothes and day-to-day items. He was likely one of the estimated 16,000 Angelenos who live in their vehicles full or part-time

As I watched in tears, I used my cell phone, and he was leery I would call the police, but I didn’t as I watched with empathy. A police car with sirens blaring and cherries flashing came speeding down Sunset Blvd, scaring him for two reasons, because what he was doing was illegal and cops are dangerous to non-white people.

I offered him the few dollars I had on me but he refused to take it and instead signed “love” to me. I too am disabled; I have multiple sclerosis. It was a moment of realizing how we are all close to homelessness and sometimes so far away from truly understanding our fellow humans suffering.

There are so many things we will need to secure for this film in addition to cast, crew, and location. We need a police car and an old “junker” car. It is hard for us to ask for financial support during a time of such uncertainty but we’re asking for donations because we think this story desperately needs to be told now as the world’s inhabitants grapple with their cultural perceptions of minorities, the homeless, and the disabled.

We are prepared to offer something in return for your donation:

-$1000 or more Donation receives an Associate Producer credit on this film

-$500-$999 Donation receives a Film Supporter credit on this film

-$100-$499 Donation receives a Special Thanks in the credits

-$99 or Less Donation receives a copy of the Script (Emailed PDF)

***All donations made through From the Heart Productions are tax-deductible!

We are estimating the shooting budget at $10,000

Writer’s Statement About Water

I have a sincere interest in turning a lens on social issues that are often ignored in the United States like Homelessness. We don’t even really know how many chronically homeless people live here because not enough people care about this issue. This film is second in a series of short films about encounters I’ve had with homeless people where the lessons I learned are extremely important and certainly not forgotten. I believe it’s my artistic path to share these transformational stories with others. My creative influences are writers like John Steinbeck, who created powerful narratives about the unseen and overlooked people in American culture, like migrant workers and Chinese railroad workers.  My artistic style is realism, but sometimes contains a twist of whimsy and expansiveness.


Crew Bios for Water


Patricia Fox received her BA in English from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities and her MFA in Creative Writing from Augsburg University. She is an award-winning short film writer/producer and feature-length screenplay writer wh0 won or placed in many contests including Minnesota Screenwriters’ Workshop and large international writing contests like the Page Awards and the Nicholl Fellowship. She is also a published non-fiction writer. and a produced playwright with her autobiographical one-woman performance piece My 4 Bodies. Her short film 100,000 Miles a Second received distribution through Silicon Beach Film.


Nikki (Nikila) Cole is an award-winning writer/producer/director. An acclaimed choreographer, she transitioned into film, directing WANDERINGS: A JOURNEY TO CONNECT, PBS/Vision TV), PAUL’S PIECE OF SKY (PBS – struggling African American Dance Co.) and INTIMACIES: Hollywood’s first openly HIV+ actor. (Bravo, Best Audience vote Doc, Palm Springs Int’l Film Fest), the CSA nominated TESSA and SCOTT about Olympic ice dancers (W Network) and KEEPING CANADA ALIVE (CBC). MY FATHER, JOE (story by Jack Engelhard, Five international awards, The Movie Channel, Amazon Prime). Currently developing two series, two features, and a doc and directing THE NEXT STEP (Family Channel and CBBC).


Kelly Lamphear-Dash is an award-winning producer of documentary films and short narrative films. The focus of her documentary films have been on historic figures/events. Her narrative work has largely been based on true stories. Accumulatively, Kelly’s films have screened in over 100 film festivals all across the world.


Erin Roberts is an actor, teacher, and activist, currently based in the Twin Cities. Recently Erin earned a Broadway World Nomination and an Audience Pick Award for her performance in MY 4 BODIES a one-woman-show and true story about a woman living with early onset Multiple sclerosis. She also stars in the award-winning short film 100,000 Miles a Second. Erin also stars in and co-produced the award-winning web series FEM101 currently featured on Erin has her MFA from Penn State University and is a proud member of AEA.